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Chaos in our Collective Unconscious

Our collective unconscious have created chaos within our archetypal energies, we have tapped into the unconscious state of our ego or shadows when we are in chaos. I created this acronym for Chaos, Conflicts Hidden Arising in Oneself upon Seeing the truth. When we are in the process of knowing our true essence or ascension, these conflicts or challenges are rising up in our realities because the Universe is clearing the way for our purification. This means that chaos are the result of disharmonious patterns that were imprinted in our morphic fields in the past and now arising because the person is now going through this awakening from the old paradigm.

When our mind is awakening, it brings forth things that blocked us such as grief, guilt, anger, un-forgiveness and many other lower emotional vibrations in our energy system. We can not see these energies but we can feel them. Our emotional body holds these vibrations and create some density in our physical body. That will lead to physical illness. Stress lowers our immunity and we become weak and sick.

We can untangle these patterns of chaos when we acknowledge that there is something within us that magnetized this situation. We are in denial that we think the other person is the only one concern. Our projection is the other person to be a catalyst of this trigger. When we acknowledge our participation, we emancipate our shadows. Every part of our shadows is a part of us. We are fragments of the macrocosm. One is a part of the whole.

Origins of Chaos:

– fear of the unknown

– insecurity

– attachments to people, things and places

– ego

– fear of change

– power and control

– taking things personal

– separation


Questions to find  clarity:

– What is it in me that magnetized this situation?

– Where am I not clear of what I want?

– What is my attachment to the story?

– What is the cycle or pattern of my chaos?

– What is my role?

– What is the Archetype animated in this chaos?

– How can I clear this?

– Am I ready to let go?

– Did I learn my lesson?

– Can I forgive others or myself?

– Can I bless others for giving me these lessons?

– Can I be at peace?

Be grateful for the chaos and know our lessons. Life is about experiencing triumph over challenges. We are powerful beyond what we think we are. We are multi-dimensional beings of love and light. Our wholesomeness is created in being light. To be light is to see beyond the shadows that we are facing. The shadows are chaos that are  windows opening to see beyond in this reality. We are expansive, overcoming our challenges and turning them into golden light penetrating our collective consciousness. Forgive your triggers and believe that we can make a difference in our humanity’s evolution of consciousness.

Blessings of miracles!



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