You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Charoite for sharing your gifts


This deep purple-pink mineral with black wisps reminds us of our own individualized gifts that came from our Akashic Records. The sacred contracts that we had created and imprinted in our soul’s vibrations. When this crystal comes to you, it helps you to remember your purpose and who you truly are. A star light being encoded with all these wisdom and gifts from the universe. We are not here to please others but to share what we have, our authentic gifts from our own unique essence. As we evolve and know what our sacred gifts are, we become attune and align to how we can share these gifts to others.

These are the awakened times that we are called to shine these gifts. We can go deeper and connect to our blueprints, to perceive these imprints and allow them to show us what we have to share in this incarnation. We are beyond this third dimension. We are multi-dimensional beings of light. We can access and remember our own innate wisdom and knowledge when we free ourselves of others attachments and opinions of ourselves.

Your rebirth to the new world on how you perceive yourself. This crystal reminds you of your true essence and innate power to be who you are. Your presence is honored and allow this knowing to penetrate your cellular memories and consciousness. You are here at this awakening times to help humanity in our evolution. Beloved!

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