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Clarity on Your Passion


Being clear on your passion, creates focus on your daily life. How can you find this clarity? First, we have to know who we are and what makes us happy? There are a lot of qualities within ourselves that we want to bring about but if we do not know what we want, we are lost and scattered in our thoughts. The secrets of creating the life you want is knowing yourself and how you can implement your intentions in this reality. Creativity is freedom, express your self.

Ask questions about yourself, what do I ¬†truly want? Your heart’s desires, things that make you happy when you were a child. Bring back your childhood, daydream on what you loved to do! This connects you to your emotional body and subconscious mind. These are parts of the driving force to create what we love to do. When we remember these, they trigger us in our core being and reactivate this drive to be successful. Decide who you are and what are the things that you will focus on to create this life. For me is writing so from now on I declared to the universe that I will be writing everyday because this is what I want and it makes me happy to share my thoughts and wisdom. My intention will create what I want. So intention is also a part of being clear and having that consistent action towards your goal.

When you do something, do it with excellence. Do not let others opinions affect you. This is your life and you are the captain of your ship. Go with the flow, there are days that are rough but you can always stir in the other direction when it does not work. Life is a risk. Take more risks to find your niche. Do not settle for mediocre. Be the highest version of yourself. There is only one you. Be who you are. Be authentic and people loves you for that.

What makes you different from others? These are attributes of yourself, that you already know. Look within and reflect on these gifts. Journal your way through it. This helps you create a laser focused destination map of your life. When you know yourself, be clear on what you want and execute this consistently. If you missed a day, catch yourself up and start all over again. There are no mistakes but only practice will make your work shine as perfect as you want it to be. Be easy on yourself but be vigilant on your actions. Together with your intentions to do great things, your actions will determine how far you can go with your dreams. Do not give up. The universe brought you here to shine and be a bright star for others. Together we can shine each others light. Support and collaborate with each other but first have clarity on your passion so you can attract the right people in your energy fields.

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