You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Clearing your energetic fields


Calling the Ascended Masters, teachers of Light, Archangels and angels to this space, to bring in this grid of light and love. Clearing the energetic  fields from karma, past traumas, abuse, pain and victim consciousness into this attunement of clarity, harmony and bliss. We are here to summon the messengers of this unified field of energy, in harmony to this higher dimensions that we tap. There is a lot of bondage that is now being released, cleared and let go beyond your conscious mind that is entrapped and embodied within your cellular membranes, tissues, consciousness and memories.

We are now helping you to transcend these thoughts, negative or stuck energetic vampires that are sucking your light and clarity into this conscious grid of light and love. There is a wave of new energy that is upon you that is now filling your being to its maximum to refuel all these voids or emptiness that had created a hole, so much more that you can not hold your vibrations to its higher dimension. This is now being cleared and will bring in new light ,sacred geometry and sound energy to your cellular tissues and membranes holding the vibration of this higher dimension that you are tapping.

When you have detached from all these lower densities of dimensions, they have no hold of you anymore, no attachments or interference in your high frequency vibratory field of light and love. The veil is lifted and you will energetically link to the multidimensions that you travel, allowing you as now again a resident of this dimensions into your field. There are no blockages or hindrances to this morphogenetic field because you have accelerated into your light body. There is no wiring that needs to rewire, everything is connected to its highest light and sound vibratory fields. There is high resonance in the space of the Masters, the light that penetrate and hold the units of every molecular tissue of your physical dynamics and light body. When you travel with this light body, you will attract more light and will group together as cells gather in a harmonious symbiotic relationship to each other when they are living together. Perfect symbiotic relationship, there is no students or teachers only light bodies that come to gather to give or bring more light to this Mother Earth that you chose to stay.

There are more light beings that are going to find your brightness and will find comfort in times of their dark nights. You need to allow and embrace to which you are given and bring forth this meeting of light bodies to unfold this truth and freedom that you now have enveloped. There is a flow that will allow this coming into your field, no need to be alarmed or anxious about it but to rest in the magnificent light that dwells inside of you. Meditation is quite important in this ascension, clearing every thought that passes to dwell into the light and be love as they arises. There is a demand for this to follow that every light body will consume more time to meditation in order to fill your hearts with light and being inspired to bring more light into the dark times. Allow others to find comfort and safety into your umbrella of love and compassion towards others by giving them spaces where they need more guidance and remembrance.

All the memories that comes are arising as our ancient link or heritage are being revealed in our DNA. Activation of our cellular memory into this space of integration of past lives, incarnated, future and present lives. This will bring you understanding of where you came from and where you are right now in your current incarnation. The situations will be coming into your field as needed to align these energies into your higher self. You soul is going to be activated and align to its purpose and will clear all the unconscious thought that are implanted in your mind consciousness. There will be more awakenings to what is in your space and will be ask to know what to do to clear the space into more harmonious and healing field. Call on your teachers of Light to guard and protect your space and create a sacred field to be around you to support in your existence. The power is in your being, be empowered to call them forth and receive their blessings of love and light. Enlightening your paths towards this journey that you have chosen. Healing all that is not of light and allow transformation of your physical self into your light body.

Scan your body, mind, heart, soul, spirit and other beings that occupies your space. You will be sensitive to all the vibrations on your field aligning them to your higher self. Gently ask to release all the energies that doesn’t belong to you and ask that they may complete its path towards the light. They will leave you and be guided to the light. You will be aware of their existence and don’t be afraid but be empower to release them in their path. Clearing all that is in your way of becoming one in light and love. Your teachers of Light, Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels will be supporting you in your chosen path and are always there to guard and light your ways.


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