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Clearing for co-dependence


Co-dependency is an excuse to be your authentic self. There are lots of reasons or excuses why someone would stay in a relationship such as this because they like to be in their comfort zone. Leaving a place where they don’t need to exert an effort to be their highest potential is an easy way out of facing life than becoming who they are. They have fear of failure and so they stay in a cozy place where they don’t need to face life’s challenges by themselves alone. They blame or point the finger to the other person rather than taking full responsibility for their own independence and responsibility.

They have issues such as abandonement and when they stay in a relationship like this co-dependency they get trapped in the illusion that they are being abandoned or they are abandoning the person they are with when needed to move on. There is an attachment to the person that they can’t let go. What does the person needs to learn when face in such dilemna? First, you have to acknowledge that you have a problem. Facing the problem is the first step in helping yourself out of the trap. When you don’t acknowledge then you can’t resolve anything. The mind that created the problem would not be able to solve the problem, you need to shift or transform in order to solve the problem. How do you shift? By letting go and going with the flow of the situation. Remember that anything that you magnetize in your situation is because of you not anyone else. So the problem is there because you become the magnet of the situation. Don’t be hard on yourself. Love unconditionally and start where you are.

“I love myself and take full responsibility for all my thoughts, words and actions. Be it done!”

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