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Clearing and releasing guilt


Guilt is a low vibration emotional frequency because it is stagnant and it brings you down. But can also be a compass towards your enlightenment when you become aware that you are carrying this in your emotional fields. Guilt is a symptom of low self esteem, lacking self love and worth. This usually happens when one is abused in the past. When you are not awake, this could lead to cycles of abusive relationships and self loathing.

The first step in knowing that you have guilt is when you are not happy about your life. Depress about your own realities and relationships don’t work. Sometimes you have a tendency to please others in order to gain love and attention. You try to compensate for your low self esteem so you like to buy love from others by buying them gifts or attention. It’s a spiral of negative emotions that can take you in deep darkness.

When you feel guilty, you are in the illusion that you are not loved and you are living inside your head. It is all about how bad you are and how can you do all these negative things. You become obsessed about your faults and not realizing that your thoughts are creating your realities. Your life becomes a living nightmare.

You are not living inside your heart when you have guilt because you are in your head. Face what is blocking you from healing this emotion. Go back to where it started, usually its roots is from childhood. When you look back and know that the same emotions that you are facing now is the same emotions that you had when you were a child. Forgiving others who had hurt you will release you from this vibration of lower frequency. Asking the help of your spiritual guides to heal and infused you with their love and light codes. Activating your DNA into your light body that will calibrate high frequency of vibrations that takes the positive emotions that will attune you into your multi dimensional being.

Loving your self unconditionally is the fruit of letting go of guilt. This will happen when you clear your energetic fields of lower vibrations of emotional frequency. Forgiving yourself of all the things that you had done in the past and never revisit them again. Remembering that you are about love and light. You are here to experience love, happiness and peace.

”I demand my spirit to cut, clear and release this guilt from my energetic fields and let the love and light of God shine in me!”

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