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Collective Awakening

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We are at the crossroads of our collective awakening. We are receiving the activations of the Multidimensional Cosmic Rays. The Benevolent beings of Light are assisting us in our ascension process. Remembering our origins and activating our multidimensional key codes of Light. The “Cosmic Soul” book is here to clear patterns of our Akashic blueprints in our energy fields. As we transmute these blockages, karmic bonds, attachments, entities, hooks, cords, drains and souls that were attached to us unconsciously, we are now able to receive higher frequencies that will shift our consciousness.

The Golden Christed Light of our DNA will help activate our Higher Self and anchor this into our heart chakra in alignment with our body deva spirit. This alignment is necessary to obtain higher frequencies of Light. We are creating a strong force field of Light within our energy systems and around our etheric and auric fields. Our inner knowing or trusting the divine will guide us in our light path.

Unconsciously we are attracting souls that are needing of our attention and Light. Be aware that we are not the hunted, we are the hunters for the collective mind needs to be at one. No time to lose. Gather the core Masters of our collective tribe that will shift the human evolution of consciousness and memories. It is time. Receive this gift of knowing and wisdom. The signs are all over us and opening our Third Eye Chakra, we receive activations to lift the veil of separation. The universe is waiting for us, as we experience this massive shift; we keep our focus in what is given, our gift to the universe. Pure love and Light.

We are remembering our Golden Light Body, as we dive deeper into our unconscious, becoming conscious of our universal Self we attune to our Higher Consciousness connected to the divine flow of love and Light. Our egoic mind loses its grasp and becomes a witness to our greatest transition into our Light Body. This rapid transmutation accelerates our increase frequency of Light. Thus activating our junk DNA, recoding our new template of our evolve Light Body.

This new template holds the keys to activate new earth in our present vibrational fields. This is the return and birth of the feminine goddesses to nurture our souls back to paradise. This harmonious balance of masculine and feminine system will assist us in grounding our multidimensional state of being. The Sisterhood of the Rose will bring clarity, harmony and beauty in our presence. This is the time to rise up from any old templates of suffering. We are higher than this victim consciousness, we are the Light showers and bringers of wisdom.

The great gathering of our souls is here now.  Choose to share this Light grid around our planetary system to vibrate higher. As our mother earth accelerate its Schumann resonance, we are being ask to increase our awareness, open our mind and heart to these transmissions of Light. Our neuro-pathways is activating a new template and being awakened to receive the higher frequencies of Light. Deeply integrating these key codes in our dream state and awakenings. Our body needs to remain still, letting go of stimulations and allowing to regroup our scattered mind and fragmented spirit into our divine body. This temple of our incarnation is sacred and remember to honor our vessel.

The Starseeds are being awakened to consciously anchor the Light body within our system and to fully function in this earthly plane. We are able to process and understand more of our existence and fully integrate all of our multidimensional state of being. The archetypal templates of our collective will be more pronounced releasing the survival techniques that we inherited from our human DNA. The new template of higher consciousness, alchemical process and morphing into this new genome. The new spectrum of rainbow Light is dispensing this grace of knowing and wisdom. There is also the arising energies from the Lemurian codes to bring harmonious unified consciousness of our collective.

The arising and clearing of lower entities in our energetic fields is palpable. As we witnessed this transmutation, we are preparing the ascension of our frequency. Through a vibrational resonance of higher consciousness, we will be in a limitless and timeless state of being. The relationship of our planetary body into the alignment of the galactic movement. The dynamic momentum, energetic, greater awareness of the planetary transition and process now that the earth is experiencing. There are  intense energies that some human beings choose to leave this third dimensional state. Giving us lessons of awakening and letting go of old paradigms. The old patterns and conditioning that is coming from fear and survival. It is now the rise of the collective awakening, we are blessed to witnessed this transition into our new energetic template of pure love and radiant Light. Illuminate others and rise up, create a tribe to support us in our ascension. Be free and focus on your radiant Light. Namaste!

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