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Collective Awakening


As we traverse in our souls journeys, we will find that our paths are all interconnected. We are collectively awakening in our existence. The I dissipate and became the “we”. We are never separated, there is no time and space in the present breathe that we take. We interlink to the magnanimous creation of the Source of all that is. With all that said, how can we ascend these shadows that are now so prevalent in our contemporary times? The wars, struggles, sufferings, and confusion that are surrounding us can be a huge distraction to live a clear and clean life. What do we do?

First, we start with our own self. The self-love is the first ingredient to move beyond pain. This is the micro mirror of the macro cosm. When we start to understand the true meaning of love, we can truly love others as ourselves. The acceptance and unconditional love that we give ourselves will reverberate in the universe.

Focus your attention on things that brings love, light, peace, and joy. The shadows are always within our egoic mind and we can not totally let go because we are in our incarnated bodies. When we learn to accept, let go of stories, embrace our shadows, and then we can integrate our polar opposites of our spectrum.

Our collective awakening can start happening when we awaken to our own existence. By examining our conscience, beliefs, conditioning, views, ideas, opinions, situations, and relationships we are able to tune into our truth. We find that it is the opposite of what we think that truly resonates with our hearts wisdom. Finding your triggers will be the catalyst for true transformation. It does not come in one day, it comes as a process. Releasing and clearing all these attachments for our existence will clear our illusions.

The things that are in our fields are awakening us to increase our awareness what really matters to us. We want our human species to evolve, be safe and feel loved. To ascend our collective consciousness, we have to start with our own self. To love and to be of service for others to remember how expansive our souls are. We are one.

Blessings of miracles,



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