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Collective Fire of our consciousness


The fire element is on the rise in our timeline as our collective consciousness are ready to burn and purify things that are not vibrating in a high frequency of love and light. Fire ignites when we are ready to combust those thoughts and emotions that are misalign with our higher selves. This reminds me of the collective fire of our consciousness. In order to ascend, we need to burn these desires of humanity that separate us from others. The egoic state of our collective.

If you are feeling separated from others, may it be family or friends that means you are experiencing the projections of your unconscious mind. Ask questions to help you clear this fog: Why do I feel this way? What is the lesson that this person brings? Why am I triggered? What can I do to be more compassionate towards this person? How can I let go of this judgement or separation? Can I accept? Can I let go of this story? Can I be at peace? These questions will help you gain more depth, knowledge and wisdom towards your soul’s path. When we open our Akashic Records, we gain access to the depth of our soul’s journey. We have templates that are ready to be reevaluated and sacred contracts that are not helping us vibrate in compassion and harmony.

Our Records need to purify in order to ascend with mother earth Gaia. The spirit of mother earth vibrates accordingly with our collective consciousness. As we transition into a more higher bandwidth of our electro magnetic fields, we are letting go of old templates. Mother earth is doing that as well, clearing her space, burning forests, having hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and all of these natural disasters as a way of letting go. We are one with our planet, what we are experiencing is what we are inside. Take some time to contemplate and ground with mother earth. There is no difference with us and our planet. We are coming back to this zero point field where we are one unified consciousness with all that is.

Things that does not make sense is hard to comprehend because our mind is not tapping into the universal mind of creation. When we open our Akashic Records, we are tuning into the universal mind and we receive information from the Masters of Light. We gain access to transcend our lower emotions and understand the bigger picture of our lives. We are in the purification state of our existence. Everything has to vibrate in harmony, compassion and love in oder for our soul to collectively ascend with mother earth. Those who are waking us up and leaving this timeline is here to help us ascend, become one and create the golden era. The golden Ray of Christ consciousness is here teaching us to be one where there is no judgement and learning to love with compassionate eyes.

Invoke the sacred fire to burn your egoic mind and allow this purification stage to help you surrender with divine grace. We become more aware of our own vibrations. To help our collective, we have to go deep within, reflect, recharge and reevaluate what we are contributing in the evolution of our collective consciousness. Our precious time that we spend here has to reflect the highest vibrations for all sentient beings. We are now tapping into the accelerated time of our manifestation, the veil is lifted for many conscious beings. You have to take responsibility for all your thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions. Your Akashic Records has given you access to accelerate your ascension process. Open your Records to help you align to your Higher Self.

The element of fire helps us burn any desires that is blocking us from our clear path. Ask the fire of purification to help you burn any egoic thoughts, jealousy, envy, lust, cravings, obsessions, addictions anything that is creating your separation and heaviness. Allow your self to meditate, contemplate and journal with your Akashic Records to find a brighter path for your soul’s destiny. Clearing all the fog and smoke of your life, you become more unified and strong in your ascension.

You will find inner peace and harmony. Understand that in this process, others will leave and dissipate. It is what it is, we all have our own journeys. Do not take anything personal. Others take their time to ascend and some are ready. Become aware of your own vibrations. When you find your inner state is separated from others that is a red flag that you need to clear this energy. Call the Higher Self of the other person concern and your Higher Self together in the sacred space of love. Create this etheric and energetic template in the Akash and send forgiveness. Forgive yourself and others for creating this bondage. Seal this karmic bond with the sign of Merkabah. Sealed with love and light, you are now free from any toxicity that is not helping you in your purified state of consciousness. Let go of the story and be free.

Blessings of sacred fire,




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