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Control is Illusory



Control is illusory. Life is uncertain. We do not have control over anything. We try to believe we have control. The existential meaning of life is to free yourself from any form of attachment.

What are attachments? This can be energetic cords from the past, the preconditions of beliefs and culture of our ancient land and bloodline. We have attachments from people, places and things that we surround ourselves with. The psychic imprints of our relationships from our primal caregivers when you were building your core formative years from infancy to 7 yr old. Those emotions that we have that does not serve our highest good such as guilt, shame, pride, anger, jealousy, greed, and many more lower frequencies of our vibrations. They are hooks in our emotional body. They can play within your behavior if you are not awakened.

We are multidimensional beings of Light, our Light body is encoded with all of these imprints from our past lives, cellular memories and consciousness.

How can we even navigate for our highest good into this current lifetime? We our receiving information from many timelines that we traversed. To put into perspective what is right for us can be conflicting at times. We are bombarded by many beliefs or opinions of others. We are in quantum soup of chaos. Look around you, our society, media, government, religion, dogmas, schools and many forms of structured beliefs that can influence the way we think and perceive things are saturated with egoic mind, control and fear.

The true navigator of our lives is our hearts. This amplified magnet of attraction has power beyond our imagination. This heart knows what is true. Each one of us has this innate knowing what is truth. We got lost in this chaotic illusions of the mind that likes to control things, this is the ego. The egoic mind is a false representation of the truth. It governs falsified control of the mind and the roots of this is the annihilation of mortality. Unconsciously we are unaware of its existence. The ego is a trickster. We are beyond death. We are eternal. Our souls continue to live in eternal time.

Another big factor of control is time. What is time? It is an idea of our human species to dominate and manipulate our psyche. If you live in no time there is freedom of your creative expression. You are not governed by money and things that does not matter in the end of your 3D life. You will step up into your true essence. You will do things out of passion and not from survival mode. This body suit again is an illusion of itself. You are not your body. You are a spark of creation that co-creates with divinity.

Wake up call to all humans in this time of chaos and darkness. We are beyond this. Focus on your heart. Listen with contemplation with the stars in the universe. Life is a navigation through the eyes of the divine flow. Follow your dreams. Dream big. Use your imagination, let go of control over your life. Life is too precious to live this way. Flow with this sacred life. Treat your self sacred. You are a co-creator of this multiverses in the ocean of divinity.

This paradise is yours, claim your birthright, wake up and smell the roses. Life is like a rose. Bloom and share your effervescent and illuminating beauty with radiance and regal stance. You are an illuminating Light coming from the Source of all that is. Create something beautiful with your divine gifts. Express your creative Self. This is true freedom from control of the egoic mind. There is flow, love and passion. Live life to its fullest divine expression of beauty. Live and let be.

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