You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Cosmic Creations


What are cosmic creations? They are projects or creations that we intent to do in this physical dimension. They were perceived information and guidance from the cosmic light that were channeled to us. They are bigger than what we think. There is no attachment to the outcome or result to the situation. When we are conscious creators with the divine energy, we are vibrating with high frequency of love and light.

In our creations, we will encounter universal challenges. What to do with them? Whenever there is a low frequency of emotion like doubt, or fear. Feel this emotion, this is the trigger to know that we have a vibration that is not in resonance for our highest good. In this process of clearing, we are purifying our energy fields. Envision the Merkabah in your energy fields and meditate with the Masters of Light.

We are co- creators in this dimension, we have to remember that we are never alone. We are connected to the Masters for assistance, higher guidance, and support. What is in our hands were brought forth by our blueprints. This was written in our Akashic Records. Once we become aware, conscious, of our energy fields we have the power to release and clear them with the assistance of the Masters of Light.

The cosmic creations are beyond our imagination, they are coming from the divine intelligence. When they are received with pure intentions coming from pure heart and soul, they flow with ease and grace. To surrender is one action that will perpetuate this divine flow. We are being called to serve in this way, we are bringers of light into our world. The chaos in our world is a sign of clearing and releasing these energies that no longer serve us. Our neuro-pathways are being rewired to create a higher conscious being that is connected to the divine energy at all times. Our Higher Self communicates with our being and it encodes the highest good of our incarnation.

Connection with the Source of the divine energy. Allow access to maintain this high frequency of light and love. All that is and that will ever be. Maintain this space of love and peace. Experience this sacred space. In this space there is openness, light, and expansion. Envision that your house like your body is going through a renovation, reinventing your self. Accept and embrace your shadow side, this is where we learn and allow us to shine our light brighter. Release all secrets to the light. Knowing that you have the birthright in this divine space of creation.

Bathe yourself with ancient wisdom, and choose to move forward with a lighted path. Be attune to your intuition with your inner guidance. You came to transmute any illusion, you are here to remember your divinity. To co-create with your divine blueprint and Source.

Blessings of miracles,



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