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Cosmic Entanglements

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We are energetic beings of light, there is no separation. When there are entanglements, we get attached to what is presented in our realities. We forget to stop, reflect and recalibrate how we are receiving this frequency of emotions. Stop, how are you feeling? Ask if your emotions are align to your Higher Self? Are they coming from a lower spectrum of your consciousness? Energy has polarities of negative ions or positive ions. The higher frequencies of light attracts light and love. The lower frequencies which are dense and closer to mother earth attracts things that are earthly, in our third dimension.

To simplify things, we need to understand that everything vibrates in these frequencies higher or lower. These frequencies create our third dimensional experiences. The drama or conflicts that we have with others are created from lower frequencies. The roots, sacral and solar plexus chakra energy centers are the vortexes of the lower vibrations, most earthly vibrations are connected to their aspects. There is nothing good or bad, it is all about vibrations. The higher we vibrate, the closer we are to our Higher Self which is our cosmic soul.

What do we gain from knowing this wisdom? We become a master of our creations. We observe what is in front of us. We can empower and make a wiser choice on how we are going to handle things or situations. For example, you are in a group of people and there is a disturbance, a new rule that was implemented. Within the group, there was chaos, disagreements, conflicts that arose. You become an observer, you felt that you were resonating with the vibrations of anger, disagreements, separation, confusion, conflict stop and ask.  Are these frequencies vibrating in the higher spectrum of your consciousness? Do they help you to become your Higher Self? How are you choosing to take these emotions? You stop and reflect, you choose to vibrate from love. You breathe, meditate and consciously choose to see that there is an opportunity in every challenges. You address this from the compassionate view of the group. You become a peaceful warrior. Instead of choosing the lower vibrations of separation, your intentions to transcend this situation will dissipate the shadow.

Life is mysterious. We are here to experience different vibrations. Because we have now entered the golden era, we have melted these toxins in our system. We are more aware of our participation in every relationships that we are entangled. We can see through the dynamics of energy. We have to understand how the universal laws works in order to flow with the highest good of all. Everything that we thought of, utter and act upon, coming from the pure intention of love and light will create expansion. The things that does not resonate with our Higher Self, we can let go. This will shift our collective consciousness. We can change within, and make a difference in others lives. We are continually co- creating with the Masters of light. Be aware of your vibrations and you have the power to shift. Live knowing that you are empowered with wisdom beyond your comprehension.

Being grateful for this knowledge and wisdom of our ancestors, seers, and sages we are blessed to be here. Our incarnation is a proof of how powerful we are. We are alchemist, we shift, transmute and heal. Clear our egoic mind and align with the divine creative, universal mind of the creator, God or Source of all that is. The cosmic entanglements are here to remind us how powerful we are to shift anything that is not serving our highest good. We are helping others dissipate darkness when we emit the positive light and love that we are. By being focus in our heart space, we become still. Bring down to your heart whatever it is in your head that is creating chaos. This is a part of being here in mother earth, we are all in the process of ascension. Each one of us have various times of this process. Honor and respect others in their soul’s journeys. To be compassionate and support others in the darkness is a true path of the spiritual warrior.

Lay down your armor, let go of your fight spiritual warrior. There is no more separation, we are all one in the same body and cosmic soul. The light is here, be light. Our cosmic heart is vibrating with our mother earth. We are home, we are one. Together we can co create a safe and sacred space. Remember the little things that we do make a huge quantum leap in the vast ocean of the creator’s love. We are sacred, we are loved. Honor your existence with reverence. Do not belittle yourself. You are among the bright stars in the universe.

“May we honor our existence. Be generous to others with our compassion. Be love and light. Share the gifts of humanity and our ancestors. Live, share and eat with one bread joining laughters from the cosmic heart of mother earth. Namaste.”

Blessings of miracles,


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