You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Cosmic Heart Centered


Everything is energy. When you are being challenged by others opinion of yourself, keep your calm. This is not yours, it is a projection of what they needed from you. When you are a light worker, darkness comes to you because they need light. If you catch your self reacting, do not allow this darkness to distract you from your purpose. Remind yourself that they just need love, you can send them love and light to heal their shadows. As human beings, we forget our light and get distracted by the shadows of others. How do we keep our balance and inner peace in the midst of emotional and mental attacks?

Steps in staying heart centered:

  1. Scan your body, mental, emotional, and other beings around you. Do you feel any heaviness or pain in your body, that was not there before? Be aware which part of your body is being challenged. You are an “empath” you can sense this energy vampires.
  2. Visualize the person’s face, ask your spiritual guides, “please show me whose energy is this coming from?” They will sometimes show you the face of the person, or you will hear a name, or when you open your email, you will receive a negative message. These are the signs that this heaviness that you are experiencing is not yours. But it is being sent to you through negative thoughts and emotions. It becomes like an entity, attached to your energy system. Words have vibrations, when someone sends you these lower vibrations, they become like a curse or hooks.
  3. Remember you have the power to dispel darkness. You can not help yourself if you are also sending them negative vibrations. Do not react.
  4. Go into your heart space, ask the Masters of Light to come and help you.
  5. Meditate and pray for these souls. Ask Archangel Michael and Blue Ray to protect you and to cut any cords or attachments that are not serving your highest good.
  6. Open your Akashic Records, asking the Lords of the Akashic Records to allow access to your soul’s library, and to forgive these souls in all timelines, dimensions, space and reality. Forgive yourself, consciously and unconsciously for harming others as well. We release these energetic cords when we clear these in our records.
  7. Close your Akashic Records, and thank the Masters of Light that helped you in this encounter with vampire energy.
  8. They are here to teach you lessons of boundary, empowerment, and self-love.
  9. We only allow good vibrations of others in our field of thoughts, intentions, emotions, and actions.
  10. See how others vibrate around you and be aware of your own vibrations. Stay joyful, compassionate, forgiving, loving and kind. You are good in nature, peeling the layers of doubt and fear. Only love is real.

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