You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Cosmic Heart


The cosmic heart of humanity is evolving into this beautiful rose of love and light. Like the rose, she is fragile. Starts as a rose bud keeping her wisdom intact, she reveals her regal beauty and essence when she trust the universe. Like our cosmic hearts, we can only reveal when we feel safe. It is time to trust this universe. It is time to bloom and allow our cosmic hearts to shine our pure radiant light. This is the light of the universe, within us and for us, the collective consciousness of humankind. We are being called into our unified consciousness and as we are activate our cosmic hearts we become one cosmic heart of the divine creation. No separation from the Source of all that is.

Our collective consciousness is opening to the most magnificent times of  our evolution. We are to experience the bliss of oneness. With out judgement for others journey, we are one collective souls traversing this spiritual journey. When we are awakened to our purpose, we align ourselves with others. We are also experiencing a lot of distractions and negativity as we awakened. Because of our duality in nature, we are releasing these parts of us that is vibrating in low frequency. We call these our shadows.

The shadows are our portal for direct ascension. They lead and direct us to what the opposite directions of our intention. These are emotions that no longer serve us. As an example of this is rejection, when you feel rejected it means that there is a part of you that you are not fully accepting within yourself. Stop, feel the emotion of rejection and reflect what is it that I do not fully accept? This simple steps can help you discern why you keep attracting the same pattern. Open your Akashic Records and ask the Masters of Light to assist you in shifting this emotion rejection from your blueprints into self- love and self-acceptance. They are being released to clear the pathway of our ascension. Each one of us, is in a unique timeline of our ascension process. We are here to support others in their awakening and to make them feel that they belong.

Our multi-dimensional state of being can be confusing. We need to align and clear our energy systems Chakras in order to have a congruent and aligned perspective of ourselves. The emotional, mental and spiritual component of our existence has to be integrated to feel wholesome. When we are in the victim consciousness, we feel separated and fragmented. We are hurting and because of this, we are also hurting those who are close to us. It can be confusing for everyone, as each one of us transcend this journey of being human into the journey of being a soul being. We go through phases of changes in our DNA, consciousness and memories. We are remembering our true essence. This takes lifetimes of searching and knowing what is truly the answer and meaning of life here on earth.

The people that triggered our shadows, are our sacred contracts to be in the light. In the soul’s perspective, we have signed this in our blueprints, to bring our soul’s lessons. If we take the soul’s perspective, we consciously create a harmonious life. Knowing this wisdom will transcend our pain. We bless this pain and free ourselves from discordance. We are here to experience darkness as our portal to mastering our light. Our compassion will take us here, with our cosmic heart ignited from the universal light and love.

Let us open our cosmic hearts to receive these blessings and share to others. With this fire within our hearts, we are able to burn our karmic desires. We have space for the expansion of our universe. The soul being is born, to unite, be one with all that is. Releasing any separation and becoming one body, mind, heart, spirit and soul. We are the cosmic hearts.

Blessings of miracles,



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