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Courage To Move Forward


When we are in the middle of chaotic times, it is easy to get distracted and out of focus. We are energetic beings and we feel the tension around us because there is no boundary in space. The wisdom in knowing the spiritual tools that we have access now will create a safe and sacred space for us. We are not alone but we have our Ascended Masters, angels, and spiritual teams and guides to intervene and support us.

First, we have to acknowledge our power is beyond this form. These Masters of light are here to give us information for our ascension process. Transcending our victim consciousness and shifting our lives into empowerment. Whenever there is chaos, there is burning of old patterns. Our perceptions shifts into a new way of thinking, creating new conditions and situations.

In our Solar Plexus, which is located in the naval area lies the vortex of energy that we need, to propel us to trust ourselves. This vortex allows us to trust our gut feelings which is the seat of our wisdom. It stems from trusting our own selves which is the underlying root of courage. This is an innate feeling of inner strength that we can get ourselves from any situations that are not serving our highest good. The frequency of crystal Citrine can help us attain a higher vibration in believing ourselves. The yellow ray of the Central sun, nurtures, strengthens, and support us in our path as a spiritual warrior.

Reversing our shadows, we are able to find light beyond the dark nights of our souls. Others play an important role in our shifts. People who triggered us are our teachers. When we take the time to reflect, listen, and understand that these contracts that we have in our life are predestined. These are sacred contracts in our Akashic Records. We come here to learn and experience being humans. The highest virtue of being a human is forgiveness. Through this compassionate act we are able to let go of any attachments that are not good for us. The energetic cords are cut and we have Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray that can help us do this. Invoke his presence and envision this beautiful Blue light around us.

Say this mantra: ” Thank you for your presence Archangel Michael, please cut any cords of attachments from people, places and things that are not serving my highest good. I ask that these energies will go back to the Source of love and light, and so it is.”

Blessings of miracles,


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