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Craving for stuffing our emptiness



This craving for stuffing our emptiness came to me when I was alone and feeling that I don’ t belong to anyone. Insecurity is one of the major underlying emotions of addiction. We start from our childhood, we felt we are not good enough because we didn’t get enough attention from our parents and siblings. Then there is a feeling of we don’t belong here or out of place. Some people take this as they are alienated and that they came from another planet. This is one of the roots of our aloneness. Our spirit is not grounded here on mother earth as we feel we are not wanted here. We need to understand the importance of grounding ourselves to feel at home in our body and beautiful planet.

What do we stuff ourselves with? Have you thought of asking yourself this question? Reflect and recognize what are the attachments that you cling to when you feel these emotions of emptiness. This will lead you into awareness and can help you assist in investigating your triggers. Triggers are red flags. You encounter situations and you find yourself out of control and imbalance. Like a roller coaster of emotions, we go through these highs and lows. We have to be vigilant in observing these patterns and unconscious negative beliefs, patterns and conditioning that we have in our addictions.

The old patterns resurfaced and we have to understand that in order to release and clear these old energies, first, we have to acknowledge that we have problems. Once we recognized our patterns, we can ask to surrender this to our Higher Power. To take us to a deeper level of healing, we have to know that we can take baby steps so we do not overwhelm ourselves in the process. Mistakes are here to take us to a higher level of our lessons. Every time we make mistakes, our consciousness reawakens to another type of wiring in our neuro pathways. Recalling our spirit to wake up and learn the lesson. We become more aware of our conscious thoughts and words. This process can clear our cravings and put us in the present moment of our thoughts and emotions. There is a correlation in the way we think things through and how we feel about our thoughts. The disconnection that happened is because we step into denial of our emotions. We repressed how we truly feel and we numb our pain with our addictions. The expression is a big part of our healing When we are able to express our true authentic wants and desires we are able to open our hearts to others.

The expression is a big part of our healing when we are able to express our true authentic wants and desires we are able to open our hearts to others. When we stuff ourselves then we create more layers of pain. Be open, release the emotions that bother us in a safe and sacred space with our loved ones. Trust that we are loved no matter what comes up from it. It is only through complete trust and opening that we can move forward. We get stuck in the old patterns of fear and hiding then we remained stagnant in our growth. By being honest with our truth sometimes even if it hurts will make us feel lighter. Take some time to meditate on the things that we hide from our intimate friends or family. This will point us to our freedom and liberation from addictions. It will clear our energy fields of any attachments that we consciously or unconsciously created. Ask our Ascended Masters and angels to assist us in this soul healing. Opening our Akashic Records will rewrite these records of addiction in our files in our book of life. Be loved.

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