You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Create it’s God’s gift!


Today I have this enormous source or well of energy to create and let my gifts flow without interruptions or worries about “what would others think of me?” This is quite the story of my life until now…I finally found my creative self! What made these mental and emotional blockages that misaligned me from this source of energy within me? Asking these questions bring me to a place where I was in the past and usually these “past thoughts” of myself is what took me away from this source of energy. I was stuck in the past, worried about what other people think about me and my unique self. Growing up with 9 siblings it’s not that easy to become “you” because you are always looking up to your elders and others perceptions of you.

Well this is my journey, I call it “a return to home” where is the home? have you ever wonder where is your true home? Is it your heart? your place where you sleep? Is it your spirit? your body? your mind? These are places where we can find home. Depending on what your beliefs tell you so. I found “beliefs” are truly the most influential in this physical realm that we live in, our external realities in life seems to be always connected with our own values or beliefs. With that said I know my beliefs were very strong and quite restricted living in a Catholic belief where “sins” are dominant factor where they judge you if you are good or bad, then there’s the confession of sins that made me “neurotic”. Well just one of my perception and it doesn’t need to be taken seriously but just to give you a shadow where I’m coming from.

What was the journey that I took where it leads me here? I ask myself and want to share my path because I always want to empower others and inspire them that there is hope in times of doubt and despair. I study a lot of different approaches to life and religion is one of the path in finding your truth,  what I found is that every one of them have the same “Universal Laws” that resonated with each other like love, peace and harmony. I came into a conclusion that whatever way you choose will lead you to your own self or others because we are one in spirit and body. Different souls in one body! As I become consciously evolved human being I found my path is not different from others. It is living in non-duality and oneness that create this perception. My judgement doesn’t help bring enlightenment but separation. I see people as a part of me and their mistakes is just a part of mine. Because I am a part of this consciousness and the only way to know is when I stop judging others selves and their beliefs. This is what I learned from the TAO teachings and BUDDHISM taught me about impermanence, loving  towards self and starting where you are. I can go on and on about the lessons that I learned and continue learning but at the end of the day what is important is the relationships that I create in my everyday moments. I ask myself if I spend enough time to stop, breathe, love, give, and be kind to whoever I’m with. The wisdom is not being wise but that my actions are wiser than what I knew before I become light and love.

Again this creativity brings me back to allowing my self to be in alignment with my “GOD” and the God of others with respect and none judgement attitude towards humanity. No resistance to the Universal calling where I am moving in the flow and allowing whatever it brings me. That my world is comprised of dualities and that everything passes and will bring me freedom in my attachment to circumstances that I have no control of. That my power is just to allow, gentle way of doing things, letting go of my own little control and I am with the source to be who I am to be and become “BE” no more “DOING” but JUST BE!

Creativity is what we are here for, just like Dr. Wayne Dyer keeps saying “don’t die when the music is still in you!” there is effortlessness in your passion and your creation will take you to a space of love, peace and joy. Trust your little voice that tells you “You are it!” You are connected to that grace of movement where there is fire, water, earth and air. You are one with the Universe and you are one!

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