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In healing traumas and injuries with our emotional and mental templates, we need to realized that we are unconscious of our cellular level of memory that holds the anniversary of these events in our linear timelines. Our DNA and cellular level of memory and consciousness were programmed by the events and timeline that we are running in our collective unconscious. If we had a traumatic event that happened in a particular date, observe your mental and emotional level of consciousness during that week. You will find that you will be experiencing some emotions like sadness or depression that are un- explainable where they are coming from. Our cellular memory recreate the fear or trauma around this anniversary date. Because our consciousness is tapped into our linear time which is our calendar timeline. Our data bank is replaying the same current  neuro- pathways which we had input in our data bank. We are creatures of habits and our system functions in bio feedback and memory inputs like a computer.

Our complex human biology system runs in patterns, flow of events, cycles, sensory triggers and receptors from our environment, others and quantum fields. We are the summation of our experiences and because of this we are running under a spell of our illusions. These experiences create energetic imprints in our psyche and spirit. Our cellular body is a mass of intelligent memories of our spirit, mental thoughts and emotions. When we are triggered by a memory, our neuro-pathways gather the memory and our body feel and react in whatever patterns we are accustom to. If we have past memory of pain and rejection, this can be stored in our cellular memory that is connected to our collective unconscious because each one of us sentient beings contribute to this mass unconscious state. This lower vibration of our emotions create a mass entity of fear and like clouds in the sky hinders us to see the clear blue sky. The mass unconscious state of our human species then stores this fear and illusion in our psyche, emotion and mental body. We are now being called to wake up from this state of consciousness. We have to rise up and this is the rebirth of our new Earth.

Steps in healing traumas in our cellular level of memories and consciousness:

  1. Recognize the anniversary date of your personal trauma.
  2. Create a care plan before that date comes. It can consist of meditation, walk in nature, reflection with your inner self.
  3. Take some time off work, like a week of holidays for yourself.
  4. Create a new intention for this soul healing. Infusing new patterns of empowerment, love, peace and joy.
  5. Surround yourself with lovely supportive people, celebrate life.
  6. Create a safe and sacred space with your Ascended Masters, angels and spiritual teams and guides ritually anytime of the day.
  7. Journal your emotions and mental thoughts, creating your new self.
  8. Get out of your comfort zone, extend help for others and be of service.
  9. Count your blessings, be grateful.
  10. Forgive all those that you had hurt and those that had hurt you, send love and light.

Blessings of miracles,


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