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Cutting the Cords of Attachments


In the evolution of humanity, we carry energetic imprints from our ancestors, bloodlines, DNA, collective consciousness of our species, other timelines, dimensions and realities that we lived. Imagine all of these energetic imprints in one vast expansive soul that we are inside this physical body, definitely we are one complicated sentient being of light living in the universal energy of light and shadows. We create entanglements with all of these energies in our soul’s vibrations because there is no  time and space in this soul or light continuum. As we live here on Earth, we are simultaneously living in other dimensions that we tap into. Unconsciously, we are existing in other timelines of our expansive selves. We are tapping into the universal energy of light coming from all creations of the Source of all that is.

As we evolve we need to understand that like magnets we need negative and positive ions to attract the full manifestation of our true self. As the Law of Attraction creates what we are inside, we become aware of what we have in our external physical reality. With that said imagine your soul needs shadows to create a fulfilled blueprint in this third dimension. The light and shadow aspects of our existence will bring into fruition what our soul’s blueprint entails. The wisdom is to know that we need to embrace our shadows to fully understand what we need to know about our true soul’s purpose and grand design. Like a blueprint, we have a grand design from the Creator and our goal here is to manifest this in our reality. There are Laws in the Universe and one of these is the Law of Vibrations. When you become aware of the signatures of your own vibrations, you will be conscious of all your creations.

We live in this paradoxical world, what we think we see is not what is truly intended for. Everything is a mirror of our own selves. If you are seeing the shadows of another person it is because you are putting attention to the shadows of this soul. That means something deeper within you is a shadow that needs light. Pay attention to your thoughts and emotions, ask yourself these questions”where is this shadow coming from? what do I need to learn from this mirror? what is my lesson? how can I see this person in his highest light? what is it in me that needs light?” These questions will bring you in alignment to your higher self and your soul’s perspective. The person that triggers you is the catalyst for you to move towards light.

Seeing the other person in shadow will teach us compassion and forgiveness, to be kind and gentle to ourselves and others. We need to know that we are all one in this unified consciousness. When we come from this perspective we connect to the Divine essence of ourselves and others. We become more sensitive to ourselves needs and pay attention to what is truly happening in our relationships with others. It is not an easy road that we thread, but the choices is ours. It is the light that penetrates our core being. It is the love that abides in our hearts that will direct us in our chosen paths.

We are empowered beings of light that will hold this humanity. We can’t do it alone by ourselves, we need the assistance of the Masters of Light. They are here to guide, direct and help us become wholesome beings of Light.  We can become light showers to others when we ourselves have this radiance of light that illuminates all shadows. We are being assisted by Masters and Benevolent Beings of Light, Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels. We are never alone. We belong to this universal light energy. We are one. Let us unite our shadows and light together we can make this an illumined universe. Our mind will grow beyond our imagination to what we can create. We are powerful beings of light and love. We are guided and always directed. Let us now face our conscious choices and be light and love for ourselves and others.

We cut cords and attachments by asking guidance and assistance with these Masters of Light. Ask Ascended Master El Morya and Archangel Michael the leader of Archangels with the Blue ray to arm us with his protection and cut the cords, attachments and entanglements in all levels of our consciousness, cellular memories, energetic fields, holographic matrices, bio-etherial fields, crystalline fields and all realities. Go into your Akashic Records and go back to the timelines that it was created and heal. Ask Archangel Metatron to rewrite your Records, to bring all negative energies back to the Source of love and light. We ask these intentions for our healing, to gain clarity, directions, wisdom and knowledge on how we can align ourselves into our grand design. We are grateful to all of our Masters of Light that continually assist us in our ascension process. It is done, it is done, it is done. And so it is.

Blessings of miracles,

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