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Discernment in Ascension


Our Mother Earth is calling us to open our eyes to all the changes that are happening  now, there is no time to lose. We need to wake up from our long slumber sleep, to ascend and evolve in our consciousness. We are living in this multi dimensions, where we can tap into our own higher selves and create positive things that will help us all elevate in our ascension. The Ascended Maters, Teachers of light, Lords of the Akashic Records and our Loved ones are here to help us in this transformation. The rising of the Kundalini energy arises within each of us, the feminine energy of the Goddesses, that we had suppressed for eons of time. We are being aligned energetically towards our feminine archetypal Goddess and Mother energy.

Humanity is experiencing a lot of detachment and soon find themselves that their illusions are not working for them. If you don’t go with the flow of your life, you will be stuck in the fear or darkness of it all. Your souls are stuck in the Karmic cycles of life and will continue to reincarnate in the same mind consciousness that creates the same cycle. There is only light or dark, you have the choice to go of which path to choose. Everything is here to bring us into the field of enlightenment. The people that chooses to be in the dark are actually in congruent with their contracts, for the light to have a breakthrough. To ground this information, as others ascend they are being challenged continuously by other forces. Just like moths they are attracted to the lamp because of their light. When a person is not aware of this energetically you become attached to their energetic field and they suck you out or create heaviness in your field.

The first discernment is to ask this being that is attaching to you “are you from the light or dark?” and they leave you when their intention is to harm you or not. Then send them to the Source, to release these entities back to light. As an energy healer I became more in tune to their presence and when I open Akashic Records for someone, I feel their energetic blockages or pain, then I recognized the part where they will need to clear their energetic imbalance. The alignment of all your energetic bodies, emotional, mental, astral, etheric, galactic light bodies are important in your evolution. To integrate your souls purpose, we need to clear all the Karmic cycles effect that we have imprinted in our incarnations, cellular and molecular level. Our DNA are rearranging into its fullest function and reconnecting to our Divine consciousness.

Anything that is physical are manifestations in the “not seen” dimensions..meaning if we are going to heal our physical bodies, we need to realign these energies that created these malfunctions. When I see a person  I literally link to their energetic fields and see where they need realignment. Thoughts and energy are in the same field, so when our thoughts are in lower vibrations, meaning they are in the dark or fear mode, our energy or feelings are in the lower vibratory frequencies. We can help ourselves become aware of these when we scan our body, mind, heart and soul level. We open our Akashic Records and access our evolution through the help of our Lords of the Akashic Records, Ascended Masters, Teachers of light and loved ones.

As for our Mother Earth, its also realigning to its highest self as a Goddess energy arises in her. The rising of the ancient civilizations like the Atlanteans, Lemuria, Sumeria and many others are energetically arising as well as the rising of physical evidence of their existence within these time frames of Ascension. There will be discoveries of ancient artifacts and sites that are being found as we speak, because of the multi catastrophic scenarios that are happening like volcanic eruptions, floods, tsunamis, and earthquakes. They create a vortex of energy to awaken these energies that are imprinted within Mother Earth’s slate of fields. Every times there is an excavation of anything be it a mine or construction, there is a rising of certain energies that wakes up within that field. That is why there is a lot of Reptilians apparitions at these lifetimes because we have been disturbing their kingdom since the dawn of civilizations. Just like us they have dominions in this space and when they are in the dark and living under the Earth’s crust, they get out of their way to destroy our species. The only difference between us,  is that we have our conscience to direct us towards light path.

AS ABOVE SO BELOW, within us are  the Cosmic star portals and Earth star portals. We need to develop energy awareness and develop discernment to consciously raise our vibrations and do anything that will bring us to happiness, balance and peaceful space which is called Samadhi or bliss. Mastery of our emotional field, mental thoughts, energy awareness, breathe work or meditation, connecting with Gaia or Mother Earth in love and gratitude, and mastering our vertical connection in order to stay peaceful, drawing our souls out of the drama of the everyday world around us at will. Consciously we will ascend in our 5th dimensional body and live our lifetimes into its fullest and highest potential connecting to the Divine consciousness that we are here for.



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