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Discernment of the Spirit

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In this complicated world, we need to be aware of people’s intention. It can be a challenge when we trust and vulnerable to others. First, we need to know ourselves. What are the things that make us weak? Do we have boundaries and filters to protect ourselves? Have we looked at someones actions and are they congruent to their words? Everything is energy. If the people that we are dealing with are not happy and miserable. This is a sign of mis-aligned energies. Check within, if we are not congruent with our own self?

Truth is we attract others in the same vibrations that we emit. They are the mirrors and catalyst for us to shift and raise our vibrations. It is difficult to see when you are the participant. There is no use of blame and projections, this can only lead to being a victim.

It is time to rise up, tell the truth and be bold to express your self. Cut those cords of low frequency vibrations that are attached to your old programming with the help of Archangel Michael and the Blue Ray.

You are beyond this consciousness. You are a magnificent co-creator with the divine energy. We are given access to this wisdom when we listen and take time to reflect and meditate. Use our discernment. Do not trust others right away. Trusting our gut feelings, is the compass to our own true discernment in our Solar Plexus Chakra. This will save us from a lot of distractions and complications.

Clear, release, and clean the space of the people that surround you, places that you dwell in, the things that you put your attention to and your self’s attachment to things, people and places that are not serving your highest good. Ask these energies to go back to the Source of love and light. Ask St Germain and the Violet Flame to transmute all energies that is not of light. We are protected, guided and loved at all times. Believe with strong faith. Trust that you are here to manifest greatness. Surrender your life into service towards increasing the vibrations of our human collective consciousness. Be love, happy and light!


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