You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Divine illumination

Things that are not in alignment with our true essence create a rift within our hearts, which is nudging us to wake up. “Seek and you shall find.” The answers are within. We can search forever and not find the truth, if we are blind to our own path. Our own life story is our true direction to our illumination. When we are true to the painful suffering of being a human, we become fully conscious of our existence.

Our experiences are like puzzles that we put together to understand the bigger picture of our lives. Without the suffering we cannot see the gift. The gift bonds us together when we connect and feel our emotions. This bonding is divinely orchestrated to co-create a sanctified life. We are here to support each other when we are down and to lift each other’s spirit.

We become stronger in the dark nights of our souls. As we spark the light that ignites our engine to Light up the world, we are the collective co-creators of our divine grand design. To live an illumined life, we need each other to feel at one and be at one with the Source of life. We each contribute to elevate our consciousness.

There are no teachers or students in this divine illumination. Each one of us resonates to the vibration of higher consciousness, as we magnetized each other to co-create this experience. We deliver the best and highest version of ourselves, when we are aligned with our integrity and our Light radiates the pure Light that is coming from the divine Source.

We become an instrument of truth, liberation and freedom. As we exorcise the inner demons, we purify our attachments from the material world. Digging deep into our shadows to transmute what is not necessary. We are what we are searching for. The warriors of truth and Light. We courageously accept this to serve others to enlighten their journeys with inner strength.

Our deep shadows serves as the brightest Light to help others along their path. We as a collective will find the support of others to help us uplift our broken spirit. We are here to magnify the force of love, openly offering generous love and compassion to others. We are all in the same boat. The resistance to follow your own truth will slowly kill you. We are here to speak our truth and liberate our attachments, fear and judgements.

Human beings are transcending being human and aligning ourselves to our Higher Selves. Our collective ascension is happening in order to pave the way for the Golden Light. This has been prophesied eons of lifetimes. We are here to reveal the truth and liberate our mind from any restrictions by releasing the blinders to open and activate our Third Eye Chakra.

It is time to free ourselves from the shackles of smallness. We are expansive, illuminating pure Light and co-creating this divinely blissful path of love. Freedom from our inner critic that says we are not good enough. These are imprints from the old paradigm. It is time to illuminate our mind and be conscious of our awareness.

People that are unconscious come our way as gifts for us to see through these lost souls. They are attracted to us because we have the essence and charismatic energy they seek. See them with compassionate eyes for what they are going through. We are here to help others not to judge them. We are all in the same consciousness, some are awakened to the seat of the soul and some are not there yet.

Awakening is a process of eliminating unconscious thoughts. How can we be in this state of bliss? First, we have to know what consciousness is. What is the nature state of this awakened conscious being? The nature state of being, is being fully conscious, it is the stillness of our being, peaceful and in oneness with all that is. There is no separation and you become a witness to what is around you. Your external reality is within you. If you are seeing drama from others for example, you are able to discern that this is not your drama, it is just an event, witnessing what unfolds. You become detached, non-reactive but truly listening to what is happening. Focus inwardly, be centered to your awakened being.

This state of bliss is what others call the Buddha state of mind. We come from nothing and we remain in nothingness. Your body is not you. Our body is only one dimension that we inhabit. We are multi-dimensional state of beings. Our consciousness is a continuum of awareness that is always present when we are awakened to our multi-dimensional state. This is what eternal means, no time and no space, it just is. Stillness is the flow of oneness. Our souls or consciousness is one with all that is, because we are holographic, one spirit existing in parallel holograms of the universe.

Divine illumination is the awareness that we are fully conscious of our state of existence. We exist because there is an awakened witness in the core of our being. This is the blissful state of divinity. In the awakening of our collective consciousness, we are being called to accelerate our vibrations towards oneness. This is the state of being at one with all creations. When we free ourselves of the unconscious state of mind, which is about fear and separation. We become free like the birds in the sky, flying with the flow of the wind. Vibrating in one unison with the waves of sound. The flocks of birds are free by being one in harmony with others. Let us free ourselves from separation and light up others’ path for those who are still lost.

“May we be at peace with all creations. May we become a Light, for those who are seeking. May we continue to drive away sorrows of the world.”

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