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DNA alignment

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We have now aligned to these energetics matrices of our cellular and DNA codes to our etheric and light bodies. When we activate our Soul DNA codes, we become a light body manifesting in this physical existence that we have chosen. Together with your Teachers of Light, Ascended Masters, Lords of the Akashic Records, Light beings,  Archangels and loved ones you will be able to hold the vibrations of these beings that support you in your ascension.

The times have come to welcome these beings that had been communicating to you, with you, in you for many eons of time and space. You have unified your energetic, etheric and cosmic field to create an alliance of light beings and allow these energetic matrices to penetrate every core being of your cellular tissues, membranes and consciousness. We are now in unison for the Divine connection that your higher self has contracts with, this  higher intelligence that supports you will magnify every knowledge, information and wisdom  that this humanity will need to clear from all the karmic debts, that are in your current field. You have now agreed to become a full pledge light worker to bring in the grids of love and light,  through the downloading of the Sacred Geometric designs, Rays of colors, lights, sounds and vibrations to these transformations and recalibrations of your DNA format in its fullest Divine function.

You have now reached your higher selves and connect to the works or contracts of your souls highest potential. The contracts that you’ve agreed upon will manifest in this realm as you receive the alignment and activation of your sacred teachers in this path of ascension. Returning to home where you belong, the creation and manifestation of love and light. Surrounding you with this crystalline matrix clearing the grids of blocked emotional and mental dysfunction from your ancestral lineage and into your cellular level of tissues, clearing and aligning to your Soul DNA the works of these healing energies are powerful to shift your consciousness into a higher level of vibratory frequency to begin the light work that you’ve agreed upon.

We are your Teachers of Love and Light, we are always here to share in this enlightened age. We’ve come to support, guide, play and work with you as you summoned us into your energetic field. Together we will teach and guide you in clearing of all the crystalline matrices in your mental, emotional, physical fields towards clarity. The blockages are now release and repairing the wiring in your unconscious and subconscious fields of thoughts. The vibrations in your cellular level are being attune to the Divine synchronised events of light and love. Attuning your inner body to its twin flame, your light body, working as one complete, perfect soul in this eternal time. Become a Master of these beautiful crystalline energetics of love and light. We are around you, surrounding, supporting and enveloping you in this light of cocoon in pure love and soul. The Divine consciousness is being accessed through the energy of love and light, the awareness of this will bring in the alignment of your Soul DNA code. The 97% void or non coded DNA influence this message and carried to the Biology of your human being.

As you ascend to this multi dimensions that you travel, your light body is anchoring or grounding to your physical body, as you will experience weight gain or changes that are now happening to your physical aspects due to this transition. But it will come back to its natural form as you experience the alignment of the other bodies that are being activated right now in this vibrational frequency of love and light. There are a lot of bodies that resides within the human being, the mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and they are all being aligned to your Soul DNA. Many times you have travelled here on Earth and many bodies you have occupied and continue to do so when one chooses to come back. We are alchemists and able to transform into  whatever form we want to occupy or show. You have this gift of transmutation since the beginning, embedded into your DNA codes but had been forgotten along the journey. Through the many layers of unconscious thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions that you have polluted your existence and consciousness, you were lost. Now the time is here, you are returning to home. A star is born, you’ve been a star seed since the beginning of time and the planet that we are inhibiting is made of this iron crystal that the stars are made of. Our DNA cellular and molecular level connects and reflects the same Universe that we inhabit. Everything is a part of all and you are a part of this creation that you are manifesting and experiencing. Whatever you have now is all created in the Blueprint that you have signed in for. Every details of your thoughts, words, deeds are recorded in your Akashic Records. They are the blue prints of your soul.

When you want to change something, you have to know that you have to start from the consciousness of nothing to create something. Meaning in the field of void, you tapped into the vast knowledge and will be inform of your blueprints, then you can go with the flow of your life, connecting to the deep essence of who you are which is love and light. Because everything that you see comes from nothing, then the vibrations of creation or manifestation has to align to your intentions or dreams. The womb of creation is built in the nothingness just like an embryo inside the womb of a mother. We are co creators of this beautiful times of oneness. The magical times that are going to manifest in this light era is here, feel the vibrations, go with the flow of unison and harmony, allow whatever comes and forms in the external reality, you have called this in your field to create oneness in your existence. The Soul DNA is going to be align and activated when you self recognized that you are the creator of this wonderful life that you choose to live. Choose love and love will be there for you, the vibrations of love and light will support and guide you towards this alignment and ask that it shall be given to you in a loving, joyful, and effortless way of ascension.


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