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Never in my wildest dreams that I will be in this peaceful place of my beautiful self where there is unconditional love for my true essence and core being of who I am and what I am suppose to be. There is this awesomeness that I feel within my cellular existence that I am here to experience life and love with all that is. This lovely feeling stems from the oneness that is here in our realities and multi dimensional beings that we are. When we become conscious that we are one and that what we see is actually what we are inside, then we realize that this is the key that holds to true happiness.

If we are feeling separation from others, then this means we are still feeling some fragmentation in our consciousness. If we take a look at this within and feel that separation where it resides in our consciousness, we will find the answers to our questions why we feel separated from others. We have to pay attention to our feelings and how we see others to guide us in how we can be in a space of oneness. Truly there is no separation and we are all here to experience life in its fullest. Our troublemakers are our teachers so to speak, let’s welcome these enemies with wide eyes open and see them as our keys to see within ourselves.

What are the ways to know you are feeling separation from others? The simplest way to know is that to look at your relationships and see if there is any conflicts and dramas. This will tell you for sure that there is some deep introspective issues that you need to look within yourself. Others are just mirrors of what you need to work on obviously if we are one, then what we see that others are doing wrong is exactly what we have inside ourselves that needs healing and integration. When we acknowledge this aspect in us then this awareness will create an alignment within our energy centers that will open doors for our consciousness to expand and open doors for our beautiful selves to radiate and shine.

Life is a creation and we are co creators with the universal energy. We have the power to create anything we want when we align ourselves with this knowing. Allowing only what makes us feel good and not reacting to things that harm us is wisdom. Releasing the past and letting go of thoughts that does not resonate with love will take you to this peaceful state of mind. Meditation is an important practice in self awareness. It gives you awareness that the thoughts in your head are just thoughts that passes by and that you don’t need to identify with them. These thoughts when they vibrate in negative frequency will give you situations that are disempowering, therefore being aware of your negative thougths is a step in empowerment.

The mind and heart needs to be align to create wholesomeness. The doors of your heart are the keys to the treasures in this lifetime. When you open the door to positive thoughts in life, it will create miracles along the way. Imagine there are two doors in the gate of your heart, one door stays close for things that are harmful and the other door remains open for good things. These doors are the gatekeepers of your creation. As long as you envision these doors you will be wise to know that there is a gatekeeper for your heart and your life will manifest your beautiful self.

Allowing and going with the flow of life, creating miracles along the way you will find bliss in your lifetime. Opening your mind and heart to allow this space will manifest your paradise here on Earth. It will take you to experiences beyond your imaginations. Your dreams will come true and your life will be filled with people that love and support you just like the universe is saying you are loved. There are no hindrances to what you can create. The fire in your heart will continue to ignite the passion that you are here to create. Tapping into your highest potential creating a life that is heaven here on Earth. Open the doors of your heart and live your life to the fullest by experiencing the beauty and love within.

Blessings of love and light!

  1. Shauna 6 years ago

    Thank you for this reminder.

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 6 years ago

      Your very welcome and blessings on your soul’s journey! Teza

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