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My brother Mario’s transition


I was woken up by a dream and I had these strong feelings of sadness and crying, reaching out to the angels, I was saying “please don’t take me yet, I’m not ready and my children needs me!” I was given a vision of a couple with three children around the ocean and the angels were saying “she is intelligent but she doesn’t understand the meaning.” In the dream there was a portal an opening in the sky and four angels were around this opening and I was talking and reaching out to them. I woke up crying and can’t understand what this dream meant. Then, went back to the dream and felt like I was suffocating and dying. I woke up and was crying because I thought I was going to dye soon. I talked to my boyfriend and was trying to release these overwhelming emotions, he said to me I can only listen to you but these dreams are for you to interpret. Find it difficult to connect to others about these revelations and connections to the angels realm. Often I’m given visions and soon I find out the meanings of these dreams.

The next day, I received  a call from my brother in California who is suffering from kidney failure. I was actually his kidney donor and everything was being prepare for this transplant surgery as soon as he’s stronger to have this. He told me about his fears especially about death. I asked him if he still wants to suffer and he says I don’t want to suffer anymore I want to go, but I’m afraid of dying and my children still needs me. I told him why do you have fear of death when all of us are going that way.

We are eternal and we will not perish from our loved ones, I knew about this when I had an out of body experience and saw my body and my soul was up in the ceiling. When we are born, we are born to die. Life and death is together. We don’t know our time but what we can do is to live in the moment. I told him to live every moment with love and not fear. Because this is all he has and don’t worry about the future of his kids when he is gone. The worries that he is partaking is not allowing him to live the most of what he has left. The fear is blocking him from enjoying these times of closure. I told him that he has done the best for them and that he is loved.

Now my dream makes sense, I was channelling my brothers pain and when he called me he was asking for a release of his soul. He needed to hear that it’s okay to go and that he is loved. This is quite an intense experience for me and it’s been happening in my life. There are times that I ask them why me? and feels overwhelm with emotions. I just have to accept these gifts and share to others. It’s not for me to keep but to give the love of these angels and their messages for those who wants them.

My dear brother had now passed on to the other realm and I know for sure that he is one of my angels who protects and comes to me as an “Elvis Presley” song. He used to be an Elvis impersonator when he was alive and when he wants to relay a message to me about his family I would hear these songs and I will contact his children and wife for messages. It’s awesome when you connect to your loved ones even though they had their transitions. My mediumship is being fully develop as I became very aware and atune to these gifts and my connections to the Angels and Astral realm.

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