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Embracing Our Shadows


We have shadows in our lifetime because we are not fully in our spirit body. We are multi-dimensional. We have our physical, emotional, mental, etheric, and astral bodies. Shadows are part of our light, we are here to discover these shadows and reverse them so to speak. When we see the opposite of our shadows then we can integrate our light within. It is an alchemical process. We can integrate our shadows and light together to attune to the best version of ourselves.

It is a challenge to see beyond the shadows because it has a life of its own. When we are in the dark, it consumes us, we get stuck and feels like we are trapped inside the box. The way to uplift ourselves is to turn this situation around and see the positive aspects of what is the trigger. For example, you feel like you are rejected by others, so you know that rejection is the trigger. Look beyond the situation and see where the patterns of rejection started in this lifetime. We formed our foundational beliefs between the ages of infancy till 7 so it is important to reflect and really do your archetypal Inner child healing. When you find the pattern, usually the person reminds you of the character of who rejected you in the past. Now, if you have not done the process of forgiveness, this is the time to let go. Go into your heart space and forgive yourself and others. This is a beautiful prayer of forgiveness that we do when we open our Akashic Records.

“I forgive myself for hurting others consciously and unconsciously in this lifetime, all timelines, dimensions, space, and reality. I forgive others for hurting me consciously and unconsciously in this lifetime, all timelines, dimensions, space, and reality. And so it is.” This prayer helps us to clear our energy systems and be light on our path. Unforgiveness issues are not healthy, they are toxins in our system. We can not move forward with unresolved issues, we feel burdened and our energy is attached to lower emotions such as resentment, anger, and judgments.

We have to know our shadows, check where they came from and embrace these shadows by being light on ourselves and others. Have compassion and kindness, know that we are here with our shadows and that we have the power to transcend anything. Be an alchemist, turning lead into gold. Your life is mysterious. Live by being aware of your own shadows, reflect, forgive and let go. Move forward to your new ways of patterns, thinking, conditions and live free of your shadows. Know that they are a part of our humanness but each one of us holds the key to the doors of liberation. You know that you have this within and nothing can disturb you because you are the magician. Live in your magic full of wisdom and joy.

Blessings of miracles,


  1. Karin 2 years ago

    Lovely, Teza. Blessings!

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