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Embracing the shadows


Embracing your shadows  is an important part of transformation, a process that we need to incorporate in our healing and evolution of consciousness. When we become aware of our shadows or dark sides, we have the power to transcend this into light. Deep unconscious negative beliefs that are unknown to us and our realities become conscious. This helps us to release the attachments that this vibration holds in our energetic fields. Emotions that are not vibrating in their higher frequencies like anger, doubt, fear, anxiety, or guilt are here to help us to remember our truth which is love. When we become aware of their non sense and powerlessness, we let go of these in our emotional and mental fields. We transcend these by first becoming aware of their existence and how they hold these spaces in our cellular memories and energetic fields.

Everything is energy and these negative emotions have a lower rate of truth and our body is empowered when we vibrate with love, light and truth. We then create and attract situations that vibrate in the same lower frequency of drama or pain when we are attached to these negative emotions. Letting go and releasing these emotions is only done through the power of forgiveness and unconditional love. Sometimes for others or ourselves, consciously or unconsciously we are hard on ourselves and other wrong doings. We like to hold their mistakes and blame them for what our situations are. Unknowingly that we are just the same and that they are mirrors of our creation. When we see beyond these dramas and able to understand this level of consciousness, we become liberated and free. We feel lighthearted and generate more loving situations in our lives.

When we ask from the universe, God, or Source how we can let go and be free of these shadows, we will be in situations that trigger more of us to feel and expand our heart chakra or consciousness in dealing with these shadows. Until we finally get the lessons that we are here to understand and experience, these shadows will be in light. When the power of forgiveness is in motion, your life’s situations become at ease with all that is. In flow with unconditional love for yourself and others.

The shadows are here to wake us up from our  illusions, separation and  ego. They would not disappear but would be recognized and embraced then wisdom can be attain and be one with all sentient beings. Only then, there would be no separation and everything is one with your existence. Everything becomes a part of your soul and anyone who comes your way is a gift for you to self realize that we are all one holographic matrices in multi dimensional universes. This becomes the unifying force field that unites us with all that is. We are here to experience oneness in ascension with others as one unified souls from the Source of all sentient beings. Embrace and love the shadows for what they are, reminders for you to remember who you truly are amazing light beings!

Blessings of love and light!



  1. Melanie 6 years ago

    You are truly enlightened. It’s amazing to read about your awareness and see that it’s identical to my own.

    I still have lots to learn, and you are a person equipped to teach me 🙂

    I’m so happy I found your blog!

    • Author
      Teza Zialcita 6 years ago

      Melanie, you are very welcome and we are all one. I’m happy to be of service to you. Blessings to your soul’s path! Teza

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