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Emptiness of Addictions

Emptiness is the absence of the divine presence and it can come up in any forms of longing for something in this incarnation. When we are going through pain in our lifetime, like abandonment, abuse, not feeling that we belong and loved, insecurity, shame, fear, and many other heart breaking moments in our experiences, we get lost in this illusory that we need something to fill in the void in our hearts and souls. Thus, it creates craving and longing to be with someone or something to fill in this void or emptiness in our lonely lives.
We are not awake that these emptiness can not be filled with someone or something but only the divine grace and love can truly nurture our souls. Because the separation that we felt from other human beings are based on the separation that we felt when were born into this world. The illusion of the ego that we are not a part of God’s divine creation but that our mind had to create an identity to feel safe in our new environment called earth.
Our child birth is the roots of our separation from the divine consciousness, when we were born we created our ego to have an identity. If we suffered from abuse and abandonment as children, we magnify this emptiness that we have within our selves. Thinking that we can help ourselves with someone’s love or something to numb our pain, we are lost and confused.
Our souls have wounds to heal, it takes time to heal and process. Like wounds, we need to allow healing on layers and layers of infection. The infection of our souls are the darkness, unconscious negative beliefs, conditions and patterns that we have inherited right from the get go from our ancient lineage and DNA. We need to understand that our soul healing can only take place in shifting our consciousness. When we understand that in divine consciousness, there is no emptiness but only the fullness of the divine’s outpouring of love into our souls, we will never feel empty. The love of God and divine grace will fill our cup no matter what state we are in. Feel this in your heart and allow the true healing of this grace.
May all our hearts be filled with divine’s grace and love. May we continue to share this love and light to all sentient beings. May we be nurtured by the divine mother’s love and feel safe in all our walks. Namaste!
Blessings of miracles,

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