You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Energy expands and contracts within our consciousness



We are in this matter and form of energy in our body consciousness within the cellular level of our cellular tissues, fibers, memories and consciousness. Our manifestations and existence is here within the energetic substance of our blueprint in the subconscious level of our mind consciousness and deep layers of unknown territories. Our perceptions of the world within our selves define the summation of our experiences and projections in our everyday lives. When we are awake to this consciousness we become align to all that is and it brings us to the present moment of what our spiritual lessons are at this very moment.

When we think inside the box, we are contracting this Universal energy within our own perceptions of the world and we lose touch to our expansive selves. It is what it is, in order to expand we need to contract just like anything else in this world. The only way to expand our mind consciousness is to experience what does contraction means. This is when we become like puppets of our own thought patterns and unconscious negative beliefs about our own existence. Our society, beliefs, religious doctrines, media, banking and politics, economy all of these are our man made perceptions of what the world should be and influences us in our ways of thinking in big ways. To get inner peace we have to dig deeper in our subconscious level and see how we operate in our patterns of thinking.

Thinking outside the box, we need to have a quiet mind and totally be in that space of peace. In order to achieve this, first we need to know about our disorderly lives, chaotic and corrupt mind. We can not shift if we didn’t recognize that our mind is always chaotic because of the voices that continually comes and goes within our mind consciousness. Like a ghost that haunts you in the middle of the night, you have no other choice but be at peace within your own self to find solace in this predicament. We are souls within this confinement or box in our head. The ego speaks so loud we can barely hear our truth and crushes our spirit. Meditation is a tool to finally see the works of our thoughts and release them that they are just thoughts and not to be identify with what they are talking about. They are usually there because of our previous experiences, we somehow  needed these voices to protect us from harm.  Now that you are empowered in the soul level, these voices had served their purpose and it’s time to let go of their false power. The only power that holds truth is love and not fear.

Our mind needs to be in this state of peace in order to bring order in our lives. The silent mind can bring about this shift and complete order. How would our mind can be free of fear? Total change and order does not exist within the field of mind consciousness because our mind is corrupt and we need to shift in different level of dimension. When one lives in disorder,  how can one sees itself? This is when meditation helps us to see the movement of thoughts and the mind must be in absolute quiet space to bring about order. Thoughts create fear and when we are responsible for our own thoughts we become free. This freedom has responsibility and implies order, our mind then demands freedom and discipline. To learn not to conform what others or society wants you to be.  We have the freedom from being confined and contracted but be align to our expansive selves.

When our mind consciousness expands outside the constrictions of our box, we tapped into the vast Universal account of our Source. We become limitless in infinite possibilities of  our highest potentials, expansive and living in multi dimensional Universes of our existence. We become soul empowered beings operating within our hearts, burning in fire and passion for this light to shine. We tapped into our subconscious fields of our mind and co create with our Divine souls life full of love and light. Cleared of dramas and conflicts within our own selves and others. This is the fields of the Akashic Records, we become clear of our Karmas and our level of vibrations is accelerated to it highest frequency. We elevate into our higher consciousness, grounded to bring this light for others to know that there is this space of love and light. This remembrance of our souls is the expansive energy that operates within our own souls when we are open and become an observant of our present moment.

Ask questions that will invoke changes in your fields of energy like asking what is the pattern that needs to be release and am I ready to release this negative thought patterns? This would open awareness of your unconscious negative thought patterns, remembering that you are the magnet of the situation and no one to blame for. The other person is just a projection of your unconscious thoughts. Ask yourself if you are ready to face your fear and have the courage to feel the deepest truth underlying the core issue of the cyclical patterns of your life. Learn to stop and listen what your inner thoughts are and realized that whatever you see in others is what you have inside yourself. Everything is a reflection of your self. The answer lies deep within and this would bring light to your shadows and be one with others in their own shadows. Then, we can self realized that we are all one in this field of consciousness. That they are you and you are they. Seek the silence and look within, then comes the change in your heart increasing compassion for your own self and others. Understanding humanity where they are and not attending to fear and separation but putting attention to love, commitment and intention to be in harmonious relationship with your self and others. When you are empowered to believe in the unknown, the force and power of the Universe is with you in all aspects of life. Our emotional awareness and responsible choices towards authentic power will bring us to this space of what is. Going with the flow of abundance and harmonious living, consciously aware of our powerful existence we become in tune to the Universal Laws. Our contraction serves in knowing our expansive selves in the Universal fields of life to be who we are suppose to be serving others and loving our existence in this multidimensional living.



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