You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Energetic Fields


There are energetic fields around you, your physical self. When you connect to these bodies of light you become aware of your vibrations and frequency. As long as you live in this dimension you are incline to move up and down the crystalline grids of light and shadow is everywhere you wherever you are. To be balance, you need to be be in tune with how your body feels, ask yourself “where are you right now?” and feel the density of your body. When you become sensitive to the frequency around you, you sometimes carry this around your body and they are heavy and dense, these are not yours, brush them off to realign yourself back to your center. There are a lot of energetic vampires and as unconscious human beings they are not aware that they are doing this. Once put into their attention, they will be able to transcend this energy that they are carrying.

You can be a vessel for space of love and light when you allow this to happen. The only thing that will create chaos is if you are not aware that you are holding this space of healing. So surround yourself with light, protecting you from any attachment or challenges. They will try to take away your peace, as misery loves company. Be aware and be an observer of this mind games. When your heart is open, your mind is open to expand and allow a space for healing both for the observer and the object. Thoughts have energy and when you are around others, these thoughts that surround you attaches to your energetic field without being aware. It is important to be conscious and always be centered to align to prevent energy leakage.

The body has energetic fields and from my observation, everything that is in our system like thoughts have a mental energetic field, our emotions have an emotional field, our soul which is our astral field, these are the energetic fields that magnetizes whatever these fields carries, like attractslike. When are are align in our energetic fields we attracts expansion and connection to our light body. We become a vehicle of light and love. As we become conscious of our energetic fields we realign our selves to the grand design of our universe, in expansive and contraction  motion, in a sense like our birth, we came in contraction motion while in our death, we are expanding to our nothingness which is our essence.

Mastery of your self is the secret on this journey, when you know yourself, you create peace with others and within. Imagine yourself surrounded by people that love and care for this world, then you are going to walk with your Ascended Masters transforming your world that you live in. There is nothing that is withholding your manifestation but yourself. Connect to your higher self and everything will be given smoothly and effortlessly.

Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall be open to you. The doors of love and light is here wide open to receive you. Allow yourself to submerge and soak in this field of love. You will find that your light body is creating more radiance through self love and others see and feel the difference within you, emanating and radiating the love you give.

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