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We are simply sensitive human beings and when we feel pain from any relationships, especially our tribal or family dynamics as we are growing up, we try to escape our pain by compensating in other fields of our attention. In my  case it was my spirituality I became extreme in my religious beliefs and believed everything that was handed to me. To be out of my body and disassociate myself from the external reality of my physical existence, I would rather be in this spiritual high. Although this is a positive way of escape believing that there is someone out there looking for me and giving me hope to carry on with my sufferings. This can also become an escape route in my awareness of my pain or emotional body. It prevents me from feeling the pain and letting go and becoming aware of this existence in my field of emotional body. It is an escape clearly now that I can look back and see how I coped with sufferings of my broken heart.

Others do this by seeking deeper into their intellectual mind and they discover that everything is a big lie. They can’t see beyond this illusion that they think this way because they are lied to by their own parents and loved ones and felt rejected all their formative years of life. The people that they trusted are the ones that hurt them the most. They created their own little world of disassociation which they feel safer and trust that will be fine instead of the world that didn’t feel right to start with. It is an imaginative world that they created to prevent from being completely insane like a defense mechanism to survive the pain that they are denying in their body. They literally blocked their heart chakra energy center which is the flow of life. They become numbed and had a great fear of intimacy. They run as fast as they can to stay away from the feelings of love which is unfamiliar territory for them. They stay in their own box which puts them in this isolation that unconsciously they are not aware of.

They believe that the world is a negative place to live in and so they decided that their peace is being isolated from the flow of life. They become frustrated and because of their false misinterpretation of their emotional body, they connect to the negativity of the people that surrounds them. As they believe this way they surely attract situations that make this theory proved right. The only way to help someone go through this is by accepting that one had denied himself of the pain that affected his emotional body, first step is acknowledgement and accepting that this is not their fault and that they deserve to grieve over their loss and pain. Once this person is aware he or she will become responsible for the relationships that they want to form or start. A new self with more knowing of their own pain and letting go of this old self and living in the moment with a new breath of life.

As the new person emerges there is a lot of detachment from the old one. The material world become worthless and the seeking self becomes still in the midst of transformation. He becomes aware of the illusion that the mind knew well enough how to interject with all the new pattern of thoughts that are occurring.

He becomes the light that others are seeking for and desiring to have. The heart becomes the center of his life and decisions are made around this core of love. The mind loses its grasp and becomes a passing thought. There it’s just a thought, it comes and goes. This is the freedom from pain when the person sees the observer and that he doesn’t need to run away anymore that everything is given and he is loved.

There is no lies, no blames, but all is one in this journey. The choice is ours and we will be able to face fear without deceptions and know that everything that we do has a purpose and the lessons to learn are here to greet us with open arms and the answers to all our quests will be open to our field whenever the questions arises. There is no hidden secrets of the past is gone but the present moments of love and life is here embracing the fullness of our being and living in the oneness of all humanity. This is the return home to where we came from, the truth that will lead us to freedom.

The only way is through love and loving kindness to ourselves. When we truly believe that we are love and capable of loving others we are in this dimension of light and love. There is nothing that will disturb us in the midst of chaos we find ourselves still and blessed. There is no drama in our field, we know how to detect false securities and vampire of our energy. We only allow our time and space for people that means to us and for those that need and ask for healing, We lift each others suffering and shine our light to them to remind us of our oneness.

There is no more escape from pain but we are facing each other and helping others to see where their pain is coming from and fill the gap of the missing pieces of our puzzeld life. We are but the same in every different ways that we take, the escapes are now revealed and given meaning to see where we can pick up the pieces of our broken lives. To create a new path of seeing life and how we can ground our sufferings and lift them up to a new field of forgiveness and letting go of the past. These are the ways to help ourselves realized that we are going to dig deeper than what we thought was the way to see life. We are going to connect to our heart and feel those emotions that we held back to where we are meant to be. This is the path of returning home to our true self which is love and with this path of loving others we will find our self and becomes united with the love for humanity and build a better world of beauty and compassion towards each other’s journeys.

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