You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Akashic Records Level One Workshop

Your Akashic Records will lead to the ultimate truth. Your TRUTH.

What are the Akashic Records?
They are our blueprints of our soul’s vibrations in all timelines, dimensions, space and realities. When these sacred records of our journeys are brought into alignment, we can achieve our highest potential. My intention in teaching this is to simplify the vast and complex nature of the Akashic Records for you.

I will assist you in opening your Akashic Records, receive attunements from the Archangels and Ascended Masters that will help in healing our souls. I started the Akashic Soul Healing Mystic Certification School to help enhance, enlighten and empower your Divine coded life. This workshop teaches students to consciously open and work with their own Soul Records and the following benefits are experienced:

– Access your own Akashic Records

– Be in a space of forgiveness

– Release and clear negative energies, blockages from all timelines

– Clear and delete vows/contracts/agreements from your Records

– Healing unresolved issues, unconscious negative beliefs, patterns and conditioning from ancient lineage/bloodlines and DNA

– Building relationships with Ascended Masters/Archangels/angels

– Seeing the bigger picture of your soul’s purpose

– Deeper sense of relationships and connection to the Divine

Above is a short list of all we can accomplish together. With Divine guidance, directions and messages you will integrate your soul’s purpose according to the blueprint and grand design of your soul by co-creating a life that is lived in its highest potential for the good of all.

Requirements before the healing session:

No alcohol or drugs consumption before or during the healing.

Prepare your questions and intentions for the healing session.

Bring your journal to write your Records and practice while in the class.

Thank you and please make your reservation as this will fill up very fast!

Pls etransfer to to confirm your space. Thank you so much!

• What to bring
Journal, pen, questions about your life path and process

• Important to know
Please make sure to follow the requirements for the workshop as listed above.
Soul’s investment: $500

Vegetarian Light Lunch and snacks provided 🙂

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