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Angels Light Attunements

This is so much fun, learning about the angels and Archangels! I had a near death experience when I was 2 yrs old and I had tapped into the angels realm. It was revealed to me when I studied the Akashic Records where I traversed during that split moments of my light body leaving my incarnated body. It is fascinating to look back at my experiences with the angels as a child, nurse and mother. I am so happy to share these experiences and guide you in learning about the angels realm.

My intention in creating this is to share my gifts from the angels. You will learn the special gifts each Archangels have for us and be with their presence anytime you want to.

I will share my experiences as a palliative nurse, witnessing the passing of many souls. I’m so blessed and honored to be your guide and looking forward to our angels light attunements.

Blessings and gifts that you will receive:

1. Heighten your senses.

2. Release blockages.

3. Able to read others with the angel cards.

4. Manifest your heart’s desires and soul’s purpose.

5. Attract angelic beings to your fields.

6. Receive attunements from the angels.

7. Inner peace.

8. Open your Chakra energy centers.

9. Meditate with the angels.

10. Happiness and fulfillment with your incarnation.

Bring your “Angel cards” and journals.

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Angels Blessings,


Light lunch is provided 🙂

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