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Archetypes Level 2

Level 2 Archetypes studies:

This is the continuation of Level One. The KAIROS wheel which is the interior wheel, represents a subtler part of your nature, the alchemical lab, we choose a completely new set of 12 archetypes and will be based on how you feel at the present moment about the matter for which you are seeking guidance. It represent your emerging spirit, they are fragments of your psyche that are active in your awareness at the moment you’re asking guidance. Like realized interior aspects that are longing to be named or identified, understanding that they are catalyst to transform or shift into what you want to be.


1. Starts with meditation and opening of our collective Akashic Records
2. Introduction of participants and sharing their level one experiences
3. Explaining the process
4. Lunch Break
5. Breaking into partners reflection and sharing
6. Casting Archetypes in the wheel of Astrology
7. Coaching with one particular choice of Archetype
8. Closing of Archetypes and Akashic Records

Thank you so much for joining this adventures with the Archetypes!
Looking forward to our gathering together! Pls etransfer your fee to confirm your seat.


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