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Crystals Hidden Secrets and Power of Manifestation

Hello beautiful souls, we only have 2 seats left for this event. woot woot! Please register your seats with your fee $44 etransfer to my email address.
And pls send your password for security, thank you.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm to learn more about these amazing crystals!

Blessings of abundance,

Crystals are big part of my manifestations. I am so excited to bring this workshop to you and bring
the hidden secrets of the crystals power in manifesting a life full of love and joy.

What are we going to explore in this session?

1. Crystals kingdom

2. Elemental spirit and deva spirit of crystals

3. How to recharge crystals?

4. How to activate intention for your own crystal?

5. Crystals communication

6. Making crystals grid

7. Crystals healing and reading cards

8. Ancient wisdom and knowledge

Thank you so much for your interest with crytals. I am looking forward to introducing you to the power of the crystals kingdom. Please register fast as this will fill up soon.

Please bring your journal. As a free gift, you will receive a crystal 🙂

Light lunch will be serve!

Crystals blessings,


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