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Full Moon Akashic Records Soul Clearing

Full Moon Energy Detox is about releasing, clearing and healing toxic energy that does not serve our highest good. We are going to open our Akashic Records or Book of Life to clear and enlighten our records into a more empowered state of being.

We are inviting you to experience this transformational event that will help you find clarity and courage to shift your life in an effortless and gracious manner.

The full moon completes the cycle, representing death, change, or tying up loose ends. The full moon symbolizes the end chapter, shedding light on the things that we no longer need to hold on to.

Full Moon is an opportune time of the month for purging rituals to take place. The light the full moon offers illuminates those things that are interfering with our spiritual advancements. We are going to reflect on what we want to let go and release these in our energy fields.

What to expect in this event?

1. Introduction of participants

2. Guided Meditation and Invocation of the Ascended Masters

3. What are Akashic Records?

4. Group Healing through the Heart Chakra

5. Clearing, releasing and healing of attachments, entities, cords, drains, hooks in our Chakra energy Centers

What are the benefits in this event?

1. Clarity in your soul’s path

2. Awareness of your true essence

3. Feeling light and radiant

4. Finding courage and voice to assert your self

5. Collective healing

6. Learning the steps in manifestation

Please RSVP early as this space will be filled fast!

Soul’s investment: $20

Light snacks will be served.

Please pre-register and etransfer to:
Fee: $20

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contact num:

778 238 8884

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