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Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires Through the Akashic Records

I am so honored to be a feature speaker at this sacred space! Come and join me for this memorable book signing eve at my fave Banyen book store!

Akashic Records are the living library of our souls. When we tap into our personal records we are able to understand the bigger picture of our incarnations. These sacred records comprised of all our vibrations, karma, thoughts, emotions, intentions, words and our soul’s journeys through all dimensions, space and realities.

The sacred path through this access of your own records is through initiation with the gatekeepers and Masters of Light. You can gain access through this sacred prayer and shift your victim consciousness into an empowered state or condition.

Teza will share her own experiences with the Akashic Records and the session will start with meditation and activation of your Higher Self in the Akashic fields. She will answer questions and allow healing to take place.

Teza Zialcita is an Akashic Records healer, teacher, nurse and author of Universal Conscious Self, Ions of Manifestation and upcoming book Cosmic Soul.

She has the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and spiritual healing. She was declared clinically dead by a medical Doctor when she was two years old, had a vivid memory of this out of body experience and knew then that her life is bigger than this human consciousness.

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778 238 8884

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