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Weekly Soultrepreneur Empowerment Tribe

Hello beautiful peeps, this is such an exciting empowerment workshops! A place where we can support each other and grow our passion, creativity and service.

My background as an entrepreneur stemmed back from childhood. I watched my mother at the wee hour of 4 am in the Philippines market making deals with other vendors. It just dawn on me that I was learning the abc’s of marketing.

As I shift my nursing career into becoming a full time healer. I realized I am more than a healer, I am great at promoting myself and others.

In this new adventure, I am inviting you to join my tribe and passion of helping others create a fulfilling and successful entrepreneurship.

Rooted in compassion, sharing knowledge and wisdom I am here as your guide in creating your dreams to come true, fire in your passion, focus and clarity on your path to success.

This is a weekly classes for 6 months.
Requirements for this sessions:
1. Commitment and dedication
2. Integrity
3. Ready to do the work, action!
4. Respect for others
5. Support and collaborate

First Month:

1. Learn how to create from knowing your intentions, mission, your story.

2. Knowing your core values.

3. 4 Steps in Manifestation

4. Creating a vision board.

Second Month:

1. Clearing your unconscious negative beliefs, conditions and patterns.

2. Exercise and practice on speaking

3. Dancing to loosen up

4. Walking in nature and communing with the elementals

Third Month:

1. Knowing your sacred gifts

2. Knowing your weaknesses

3. Creating your facebook page and live interview

4. Clearing Chakra Energy centers

Fourth Month:

1. Building relationships

2. Teaching on vibrations, consciousness and energy

3. Care plan for stress

4. Meditation

Fifth Month:

1. Delivering your service

2. Selling and making a deal

3. How to communicate from the heart?

4. Advertising

Sixth Month:

1. Building your tribe

2. Expansion of your vision

3. Map planning for the year

4. Commitment, consistency, collaboration


early bird price of $399 till Jan 15, 2018

$25 weekly for 6 months

Welcome to my abode,

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