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Facing darkness of Cancer


What do you do when the medical Doctor declares to you that you have Cancer? Do you feel like a death sentence was given upon you? Cancer is a word full of negative stigma. It is not easy to hear this without attachment this diagnose can kill you. As a nurse for 27 yrs in the fields of Geriatrics, I had dealt with Cancer patients. Also with other adults in my spiritual healing that I do. This made me realized hidden spiritual insights about Cancer that are not brought out to our attention.

Looking at Cancer in a holistic approach, we need to understand that the physical disease is something that had been brewing within our emotional body, mental thoughts and spiritual aspects of our being. We have to do a lot of excavation works to find the roots that can lead to this accumulation of toxicity. Toxicity not only belongs to the physical organs of the host but in the energetic fields and consciousness of the person. Our natural state is love and toxicity is equivalent to the lower emotional base of fear in our consciousness.

When we are in the toxic vibrations, somewhere in our system is a mis- aligned energy. This will tell you right at the get go which energy centers had been activated with cancer cells. I find it intriguing about breast cancer with women that I had observed. These women that have toxic relationships with their partners are mostly the ones who are affected. The women have not truly learned to love themselves and by staying in this relationship they become toxic to their own self. Thus, the breast which is about nurturing and loving center of our being is affected with their current situation.

Facing Cancer can bring up a lot of emotional baggage; unforgiveness issues, resentments, feelings of separation, anger, emotional and mental abuse from the past, judgements from others, insecurity, fear of death, loneliness, depression, suicidal ideations, despair and many other dark nights of the soul. At the very first stage, you may find yourself asking “why me?” This can be a very common theme for Cancer patients. You start asking your beliefs about God or the Source, as to why do you have to suffer this? Many unanswered questions at the back of your mind like foggy clouds in the sky.

The tedious steps that you take to find solutions can be mind-boggling. Dealing with Cancer is like going through the steps of death and dying. You may experience shock, denial, anger, acceptance, and possibly surrender at the end stage. We are all different in how we do our inner work. Some may find peace in totally forgiving others that had harmed them others cannot. What matters is how we feel about our own self and our relationships to the divine. This will give you clarity to what your soul is here to learn. Our soul’s perspective can find this space of total acceptance of what is.

It can be tricky in the ego, if we accept our diagnosis is it also saying yes to death? No it is not, it is diving deeper to what your soul wants to express. Death is another form of illusion. We die in this physical domain but our spirit is eternal. That means we are omnipresent, we can communicate even when we leave this world. This is how I communicate with my loved ones who had passed on to another dimension. They never left me in the spiritual domain, always here for me. It is a gift to be able to communicate with others who had passed on. For those who are interested, you can learn through mediumship, activating your spiritual self to receive the messages.

What are the questions that can lead your spiritual journeys deeper in the dark nights of the soul?

1. How can I find inner peace with my situation and state of mind?

2. What are the steps that I can take to find healing?

3. Who are the people that I can start to forgive and find unconditional loving space to dwell?

4. Am I ready to let go and surrender to this inner work?

5. Looking back in my childhood, where did I feel alone, abandoned or not valued?

6. What is my soul’s perspective in experiencing this situation?

7. Am I holding any bitterness, resentments, judgements and anger in my cellular level of memories and consciousness?

8. How can I move forward and have the courage to face the inevitable?

9.What is my body telling me right now?

10. Do I feel safe and how can I shift my ways of thinking about this situation?

It is our soul’s journey beyond this physical illness that can lead us to a victorious state of divine connection. When we are given challenges, our reactions can be coming from fear. But there is a courageous way of facing any challenge, it is the way of the spiritual warrior. Turning any darkness into Light, by shifting the way we see things. When things are falling apart, this is the time to pick up the pieces. Walk this narrow path on your way to true liberation of the spirit.

We can find solace and treasures in the dark times of our lives. We have the keys to unlock this wisdom. The gift of our soul is hidden in every aspect of our experiences. We have the power to shift this dreaded disease into a portal of our soul’s journey. To tap into this divine calling is a journey with our sacred life. We learn not to take our life for granted. Every breathe is valuable, every relationships is important, and every moment being alive is a gift. Make something beautiful out of your experience, offer your sufferings to serve others in their troubled times. We are one suffering human consciousness in the same body, mind and spirit. Serve others by being this bright Light in the midst of darkness. You are Light, do not  dim your illumined Light! Namaste

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