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Feeding The Void


When you feel an empty spot in life, what do you do? Do you go against the grain and feel complete freedom? Or do you stay in constricted and fearful manners of the conventional society? As a free spirit, I listen to my heart. What truly feels good within, where my passion and instincts lead me. Sometimes there are no logical reasons, just is. Be!

The void that we have in a space where there is depth and longing for something that will quench our thirst. No human, place or thing can suffice but only the higher power or divine love can be in this universal existential suffering. I feel the need to delve deeper into my soul and understand this void. I tried many times to reach for the answers, but it felt like reaching for the stars..far yet beautiful and powerful connection. This spirit of emptiness, comes from separation with my son’s death and triggered this empty spot or longing to meet the divine.

I recognized that this longing is far beyond this human desires and only the Source or divine can fill this void. The attachments or illusions of having someone complete this process is exhausting. You have to go beyond normal or against the grain to feel that you as a soul is content, fulfilled and joyful. To dance this ecstacy with the divine is pure freedom. To be in this space, you will need to learn to relinquish attachments and expectations to the outcome.

As free as we can get, we learn our true lessons in the space of love. Unconditionally offering this beautiful love is a true act of bravery. You have taken a huge step into the divine territory. I heard clearly, “it is your divine appointments to meet this soul, what are you going to do?” With this statement I found the answer beyond my egoic mind, I am willing to open and see the ocean in someone’s eyes. Far beyond my small self, the image what love looks and feels like.

Learning to dance with imperfections in what you want to have. You can plan your life, act logically but in the end you have not given your heart the freedom to be free. We as human beings are confronted with these situations of the heart. What to do when you feel that the other person is not ready to receive your offering of love? Do you stay in this predicament of unreciprocated love? Or do you dare to swim in the vast ocean of love, and feel free to swim this depth without overlooking, control or self- absorbed thoughts of what life should look like.

Living in the freedom of choices, open hearted communications, honoring the sacred and divine appointments opened up my soul deeper. How I managed to love the soul without human attachments and control of situations is immeasurably the longing of my voice. I started to see things beyond my control, connecting the dots of what love looks like beyond this human ways. Beyond this, I love feeding the void, with so much mystery what this lead me in this incarnation. To feel, to see beyond this form, to listen with open mind without judgements and creating a safe space for soul love to grow. Free from judgements, free to love.

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