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Filling in the Gap


What do I mean by filling in the gap? This is about our awakening, when we are searching for meaning in life, we become curious and we go from one thing to another spiritual tool to quench our thirst for knowledge. What are we truly filling in this gap of our awareness? This is the egoic mind that thinks we do not have the answers within. We get tricked by the mental thoughts that tell us “that we are not good enough.” Deep within these layers of karmic bondages from our ancient bloodlines, DNA, memories and consciousness, we inherit these imprints of desires and longings.

How can we fill in this gap? This a process, and we have to take the time to stop, go deeper, reflect and do an inner inventory of where we are right now? What are your current situation? How do you feel about your relationships? Who are the people that you surround with? Do you have peace of mind? Are you happy? Scanning your body, mind, heart, spirit and soul can help pin point and become clear on your map of consciousness. After realizing where you are in your multi-dimensional bodies, you can feel who are the beings around you. Call your spiritual guides, Ascended Masters, angels and Archangels in your sacred space. This space that you have created is your portal to the Akashic Records of your life.

This space of the Akash, is guarded by the Lords of the Akashic Records and the gatekeepers. We have this blueprint before we manifest in this incarnated body. These are the sacred Records of your soul’s vibrations throughout eternity. When we enter our book of life, we pay attention to the messages that are being conveyed to us. They are being given to help us in our ascension process. The things that are blocking us from moving forward are being released and we are able to have the courage to move forward in our current lifetime. As above so below, our Records are interactive and continue to accumulate datas that we are feeding through our daily thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions that we create. It is important to be aware of this so we can catch ourselves when we are creating from the lower vibrations of our consciousness.

How can we become aware of our daily vibrations? Our emotions are our triggers and they indicate to us if we are on track. When we are feeling low energy such as sadness, depression, anger, worry these are examples of not being align with our highest good, which is love and light. The emotions that are high in vibrations are the codes to manifesting our highest potential. These are the frequency that can attract higher consciousness. The souls that carry these vibrations are awaken and aware of their highest potential. They know deep within that they are here for a higher purpose.

What is our higher purpose? Each one of us had come with the thumbprints of God, we are co-creator of God. We are encoded with these high vibrations of love and light. We had forgotten this deep seed of life. Because our external reality is polluted with noise and distractions, we become blind to these gifts. We start to question our own divine birthright to manifest our heart’s desires. We get side tracked to our destiny. We start filling in the gap with too much activities of the egoic mind. The only way to reach a state of inner peace is to still the mind.

How do we still the mind? Meditation is the answer to stillness. This space of silence will help us find our true essence. This space is eternal, align with all that is. When we are in the gap, we are one with everything. There is no separation, only one universal mind and universal spirit. We become one with the shadow and light. We embrace the ebb and flow of life. We flow with what is. This space is the blissful state of our monkey mind. We have the potential to be in this state of grace. Surrender all your burden, desires, cravings but find a sacred space to start nurturing this seed of eternal life. This is the code to happiness, when we are in the gap and there is no more need of filling in the gap. We are align to our highest potential, creating happiness for the good of all sentient beings of light.

Blessings of miracles,


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