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Five Qualities of a Spiritual Master


Mastering our soul’s path involves purifying all aspects of our being. These are the multi-dimensions of our existence and they are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, and astral bodies that we are made of. To be a Master we need to be an alchemist, purifying our thoughts, words, emotions and actions. This Light that resides in us is a spark of the Source of all that is or the Universe. The Light radiates with luminosity that shines for others to remember their home. The purpose of a spiritual Master is to lead others to see their Divine Light. The spiritual Master has to go through the purification process of humanity in order to be a true empathetic spiritual leader.

The Five Qualities of a Spiritual Master:

1. INTEGRITY– it is about alignment of our mind and heart. When we are congruent with all our thoughts, words, emotions and actions, we become connected to the Divine Light that resides in our subtle body. It is very important to have a clear and clean Chakra energy centers to maintain a state of purity. Journaling with our Akashic Records or blueprints of our souls vibrations will help heal, clear and release our karmic bondages, attachments, fears, blockages, entities and souls that are attached to our energy fields, unconscious negative beliefs, unresolved and unforgiven relationships, our negative thoughts and patterns from ancient bloodline and DNA, curses, drains, hooks or many other things that are not now serving our highest good. When we journal, we create a space for healing, vision, introspection, guidance and directions with clarity and focus. Speak from the heart and not from the mind, this will eliminate clutter in our relationships. Feel what we want to say and deliver with gentleness and kindness. Honesty brings us in alignment to our truth. Checking in with our conscience help us become wiser and maintain our purest intention.

2. COMPASSION- this is the deepest core in the hearts of humanity and we are called to serve with compassion. To see others with compassion remind us of the rawness and vulnerabilities of our experiences as human beings. We are here to see others as ourselves, we are in the same boat even though it seems like others are suffering. In the collective consciousness of our humanity we are part of the one. Release judgements and criticisms for ourselves and others. When we find inner peace, self-acceptance and unconditional love for ourselves, we can magnify these qualities for others. Kindness and compassion bring us together and release separation.

3. AUTHENTICITY- being who you are, whatever flaws or imperfections that we have as human beings are here to create greatness in our spirit. Like the fire that purifies our impurities, accept our shadows and embrace what we have to shift to become leaders of our generations. We can not transform what we do not accept. First accept that we have shadows and be authentic for who you are. Forgive yourself and others, and then commit to becoming the best version of yourself. Be who you are.

4. HUMILITY- this is a simple character of a spiritual Master yet it is so profound to be humble. When we humble ourselves, we give honor to the Divine Source of all that is. It is through this energy that we align our ego with our true essence. Humility is a sign of greatness because we know deep in the recesses of our being that we are here because of the omnipotent power of the One. We are simply an abode to channel this Divine Light that resides in us. Being free of attachments to the roles and  titles of our ego is the freedom of our spirit. Be simple and enjoy the fruits of life. Love those people that are around you and validate them for who they are. We are all one regardless of the status quo that can mislead us into our spiritual path.

5. COMMITMENT– a spiritual Master is committed to their passion and service. Dedicated to share and give their gifts to humanity. They are power driven to shine their light and empower others in their soul’s journeys. They commit their lives in lifting and inspiring others to a better space. They have a big vision, focus, with clear intention and mission to follow. They spend their time, space and energy towards their goals and soul’s purpose.  They are consistent with their message and free of distractions, fear and illusions.


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