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Floodgates of Abundance



Our collective consciousness are unconsciously encoded with fear templates and these had been running within our psyche, energy fields and souls  as we live in this third dimension. The power, manipulations and  control that run our government, school systems, banking systems, churches and other society’s structural institutions were based with this fear agenda to gain and manipulate the way we think and respond to crises. We are blinded by these conspiracy and we are now awakening from our long sleep. Healing scarcity is a huge part of our clearing and healing these unconscious negative beliefs, patterns and conditioning that we inherit right from the get go. We are also looking at our multi-dimensional energy fields when we are healing this blockage of lack.

As I become an evolve Akashic Records healer, I’ve tapped into these blockages and found ways to open the gate of abundance in my own life and others. I’m on fire to share these codes to others to help our humanity evolve as sentient beings of love and light. When we want to create, we first have to know and acknowledge what are the blockages in our creation. We then, recognized these and clear them from our energy fields. Our energy fields is comprised of layers namely: physical, mental, emotional, etheric and astral fields. We are looking at all the disturbances that were created from these planes.

What are these blockages?

1. Ancient lineage, bloodline and DNA, this is inherited from our heritage. We have to realized that the beliefs, conditioning and patterns that we had carried from all of these dimensions are unconscious negative beliefs that we have imprinted in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fields.

2. Past lives karma and bondages.

3. Vows, contracts and agreements of poverty from being past lives.

4. Archetypes of beggar, monks, priests and nuns.

5. Insecurity related to low self esteem.

6. Unforgiveness towards parents or others.

7. Unconscious negative beliefs about money.

8. Fear of success or failure.

9.  False beliefs of not deserving.

10. If you are spiritual you are not suppose to have money.

11. Money is the root of evil.

12. You had been traumatized regarding the issue of money.

13. Sacral chakra is closed, experienced sexual abuse.

14. Roots chakra is not grounded. Feelings of not belonging here in mother earth.

15. Physical clutter around the house.

16. Procrastination.

17. Inconsistency with words and actions.

18. Broken promises, no integrity.

19. Takers not givers, greed.

20. Taking things that are not yours.

21. Rich people are evil.

22. Heart chakra blocked ,broken hearted.

23. I’m all alone.

24. Money is punishment.

25. Money is taken away from me when I have it.

26. Thinking small about self.

27. Body is heavy and densed.

28. Mind is scattered, not focus.

29. Intentions to harm others.

30. Attachment to lack.

31. Consumed with worries and fear.

32. Stubborness.

33. Not open to possibilities, thinking inside the box.


How can we clear these blockages?

All the blockages that are mentioned here can be clear with a multi-dimensional healer. We are healing beyond this physical dimension, energies, timelines and realities. Our Akashic Records hold the blueprints of our souls, here in the hologram of our soul’s matrix we can intervene and be guided with the assistance of our Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, our spiritual teams and guides, loved ones and ancestors from another dimension and  benevolent beings of love and light. To create is to manifest our Higher Self in this incarnation, tapping into the universal energy.

By clearing our energy fields, you are re-calibrating your existence into your multi-dimensional self. In creation, you are tapping into the universal energy. To expand our mind and heart we have to align all our chakra energy centers. Creation comes from co- creating with the divine Source or God. In this expansive motion, creation is in the universal fields. It has to start from that space of intention. As we forecast our intention to the universe, it creates the law of attraction. Attracting things, people and places to us to fulfill our dreams and projects.

Visualize your dreams that it is already here within your reach and within you. Then, put your attention to your dreams, focus on your creative expression.  Action, create steps towards your project, collaborate with like minded people that vibrates in love and light. Surrender totally  to the divine source with trust and faith, knowing that is already given. You are the receiver of these blesssings. Be grateful for what you have, that is the key to abundance. Opening your heart and mind  receiving gifts from the universe. This is your birthright,  share your gifts and service to others and you will receive abundance. Receiving and giving is one unified and strong force field in creation.


Sacred prayer: 

I totally surrender to the Source or God, all my attachments to things, people and places that are not  serving  my highest good. I now release, clear and heal all blockages from my physical, mental, emotional, etheric and astral body. I ask for forgiveness for hurting myself and others. I forgive those who had harmed me consciously and unconsciously in all timelines, dimensions, space and realities. I have faith and trust that it is my divine birthright to live an abundant, healthy and successful life. And so it is.

Blessings of miracles,


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