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This is one of the most difficult lessons in life, as for humanity to do this, one has to bend his own ego to realize that after all the drama and blaming it all comes to this.. forgive yourself and others as this will open a window of growth and space for the seed of love to bloom once again where it was rotten. A sign of new life and allowing growth of your soul to bloom and give the aromatic scent of love and forgiveness.

Easier said than done, but how can one allow this space when one is stuck with pain and “what the other person did to me!” resides in once heart? The wisdom is knowing that there is a lighter way of going through this is quite an emotional rescue, in order to find the answer in the midst of confusion and know that this too will pass.

It has a lot to do with acceptance whatever is in your plate right now. This is what it is and it is a mirror, a reflection of what you have to heal. The Universe is telling you that after all these years you are still unconscious of your unhealed pain body or emotions that are stuck deep in the abyss of your heart. These are cycles of pattern that your soul is thirsty or hungry for, you have a soul contract with other person that you will manifest in this physical dimension and he or she will be the one who will break open your heart to teach you the lesson of forgiveness. So if you are awake, you will know that this person who had harmed you is actually your partner in crime..literally speaking, you have agreed in the spiritual dimension that you will be attracting this in your life and you will create a situation that will make you see or open your heart to what forgiveness truly means.

When one is able to see the hidden meaning of this painful experience, one will be able to transcend this experience and ultimately learn to let go of any animosity or toxin in once heart. When one carried the pain of the other person’s action it becomes a burden or baggage to your self. One must realized that you are still connected energetically or bonded when you are still carrying the pain of the drama. Only when one is liberated from this drama and detached completely to the action that one finds freedom and the self is free from any attachments. One has to realized that so as the other person a part of this so are you. This is a two way street so for you to be a part of this drama know that there is some thing in you that needed to heal as well.

When there is nothing to forgive one can say there is freedom and truth, because truly the spirit is love and pure there is nothing to be forgiven, but to allow the spirit of love to reside in your heart and being so as not to harm anyone that you touch. We are all one in spirit, in body, mind, heart and soul. Many souls in one body!



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