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Foundations and Core Values




Foundations are our energy systems that are rooted from our bloodlines, ancient lineage, DNA and root chakra. They bring us stability, security and clear guidance. We need to understand that our foundation has to be clear, grounded and strong. What are our foundations? They are our belief systems about our selves and existence. It is important to know where you are coming from? What are the strong limiting unconscious beliefs that are holding you back? To debunk these things that are stopping you from being a bright star!

They are rooted from our Root Chakra, our beliefs about who we are comes from our ancient lineage, family and society. If we are functioning from fear and insecurity, we are bonded and have entanglements that needs to clear. Our energy system is clogged with these attachments. To clear these karmic bondages, we work with the Masters of Light.

When we become clear, we learn that it is our birthright to be here and shine our beautiful pure white light. We release and let go our pain body. We become one with all sentient beings. We are one with the Source of creation. We are the co-creator of our universe.

Our core values are our anchors to know what resonates to our frequency. If we do not know our core values, we get lost in many opportunities and choices that are presented to us. We have to create an inventory of what are the important values that we want to uphold. Core values are based on what is true for yourself. Truth resonates with love and light. It can be different for each one of us because we are all coming from different perceptions. Questions that can lead you to your core values: What makes you happy? What do you believe? What are the things that are important for you? What gives you inner peace? What are the qualities of people that you want to surround yourself with? Do you know your self worth? What are your hearts’ desires and soul’s purpose?

Your heart and soul knows who you truly are? They speak from the stillness of your being. Take sometime to meditate, listen to the answers from within. They will lead you to understand your foundations, beliefs about yourself, people that surrounds you, core values in life and what makes you a better person. Have fun in discovering these delightful treasures within you! You are blessed!

Blessings of miracles,


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