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What is freedom? Freedom is a state of space where your spirit is free from distractions of the mundane and liberated from any unconscious state of craving. What are the shadows of freedom? Take an inventory of your self, where you are not free to be yourself? What are the things that you are attached to? What blocks your freedom? We are complicated human beings, we get lost in the mundane things in life. We forget to focus. We get lost in the voices of our head or others who are around us. We give our power away. We become mediocre, drain, and powerless. Our creations are vague and have no directions. This is the time to wake up, feel and see what your core values are? What do you really want?

Today I am making an inventory of what I truly want. We live busy lives. We get lost in the mundane. I feel that our core values anchor us back to what we truly want to create. For me freedom is huge component of my life. What is freedom? It is detachment from anything that is not necessary or that makes me happy. I had learn about attachments to things, people and places does not liberate me. They block me from being what I want, to be free. Free of all thoughts that does not serve my highest good, emotions that are low in vibrations, being in alignment with my truth and freedom makes me happy. I am what I am. I am free from clutter, craving and illusion. I am happy where I am. A space of freedom and clarity.

The shadows from being free are attachments or clinging to what is not here. That can be future or worries that we create in our illusions. We only have to be in the present moment. We can be free of all the unconscious thoughts that we create in our mind. Being free from these voices liberate us in our walks of life.

Take an inventory of your life. Ask questions that will help you find your core values. They are the values that are important to you personally. Know yourself, love and honor these values. They are your guideposts to how you want to live your life. Free from distractions, attachments, and confusions. They help you create a filter or boundary around you. The things that are important to you makes sense in the end. This is your life. No one is living this but you. Be clear, find inner peace and stillness. Be at peace with your decisions and your core values will direct you to your true essence.



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