You are a soul of infinite love. You came here to shine your light.

Garnet for manifesting of our purpose


This deep red crystal reminds us of our Root Chakra and how we are here to tune into our purpose and desires in life. It accelerates our faith in our grounding and knowing that we are always supported by mother earth. When we are born, we forget our true essence because of the small self. Our ego created the separation from the Source of all that is. We created walls around our hearts and protected ourselves from being hurt. Unconsciously, separated us from being intimate with others.

Our family is the roots of our foundation. When we heal our relationships with our family, we are able to transcend the victim consciousness into empowering ourselves. We cut the cords from any karma with our family of origins that affected us in our current lifetime. We forgive anything that hindered us from moving on. The compassion that lies beneath forgiveness will bring us fruits in our lives. We become free of the attachments and bondages that were created from unresolved issues from our family. We free ourselves and we can manifest our true purpose.

Garnet activates sexuality, passion and creativity in our Sacral Chakra. The creative juice assists us in our creating. We were given this fire of passion for igniting us in our manifestation. Aligning to what makes us happy and how to let go of our control will help us attune to our highest potential. There is a blueprint of our soul written in our Akashic Records. We have the power to access this tool and allow healing to unfold in our lifetime. Ask questions to open your expansion to the universe. The answers are within and wisdom will flow in your stillness. Listen, heal and share your gifts with the universe. Beloved!


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