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Getting yourself unstuck



Getting yourself unstuck of situations that you are not happy about is awakening you to your true self which is the spirit. When you become awake and aware of your vibration, you will know how your frequency of emotions is affecting your emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your core being. But the first step is being aware of your vibration and how everything is energy and when you vibrate low, negative situations are attracted to your energetic fields. Simple to hear but not that easy to do when you are stuck in your ego and dimension of polarity, when you are living in the old form of thoughts and beliefs such as separation.

The signs that you are stuck is when you are feeling negative emotions that are not serving you for your highest good. Emotions such as these are rooted in fear and they are illusions because you are about love and light. When you are in fear, you are living in your shadow self which is the ego. There is nothing wrong with ego but you have to embrace this and become aware of your truth which is living in love, being happy and peaceful. This is your natural state of being, when you are vibrating in your highest truth.

Becoming awake starts when you awakened to your truth, that you are not about beliefs, negative thoughts of others and how they affect you, you have the power to be outside all these forces. To be and live in the being of who are now and not be blinded by doing things that you are not happy to do and what society expects from you. This is the year of freedom, liberation from living inside the box of your mind, constriction of the self image that you’ve been painting, all these will be detached from your illusions and you will clearly see the bigger picture of your life when you surrender to the universal energy that is now opening the floodgates of love and light into our enlightenment age.

The responsibility is in your hands, the choice that you are consciously choosing will create new imprints in your Akashic Records to evolve. Rewriting your book of life, it will heal and release you from your Karmic bondages from past lives and contracts. The patterns that you are in are wired to wake you up from these unconscious beliefs about yourself and bondages from past lives that have unresolved issues. When you meet others in your path that is like a magnet and you are aware that they are not for your highest good ask your Records to reveal to you what lessons are you suppose to learn? Are you ready to release them from your path? Is your contract done? To heal these contracts, you have to be able to know yourself and take action and responsibility for your choices.

Forgive yourself and others will take you into the heart of the Akashic fields, this is the path of the prayer to help you into your soul healing. You can not access your Records without this pathway because they are protected and guarded by the Lords of the Akashic Records and the only way to receive this is through the intercessions of your Spiritual masters and guides. By forgiving yourself you open the floodgates and showers you with Divine love and light. Calling your Masters to surround you and help you tap into your Records will transcend any situations that needs healing.

This is a declaration that I created to help release bondages and attachments. “I demand to cut, clear and release the spirit of attachments, past life karmic bondages, unconscious negative beliefs, darkness, ancient bloodlines blockages and disease to go back to the Source of love and light. Be it done with love and grace.”

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