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Gossip Archetype



I had a nightmare and it was about my book of life. It was opened and there was a voice, it was my spiritual guide, “turn the page around, it does not look like the way it seems, have discernment. Then, on the next page was the color green with a huge eye like the Third Eye or the green eyed monster as in jealousy.

On the other side of the room, there were three women and I was looking at them. I felt scared and horrified. They were attacking me and hovering around me. I asked the sacred heart of Jesus and Archangel Michael to help me. Then, they were frozen. I was able to catch my breathe and screamed, “fire, fire, fire” I was woken up from my voice and my cat Gaia kissing and threading my hair.

We are living in interesting times of our lives, where everything is interwoven. From this experience I had an awesome self-realization that all timelines are currently existing simultaneously at the same moment in many timelines. In the Third Dimensional world of past, present and future timeline that our human consciousness perceived exist simultaneously various experiences and it is being anchored in the present situation. How is that?

When I talked about this dream it was personally affecting others and I had received informations that affected my relations regarding the Gossip Archetype that hurt me when I was growing up as a child.

Past timeline:

The three women are metaphors for my mother and two aunts. I can see vividly these three women gathered in circle while they laughed, ridiculed and criticized others while people were passing by the streets in Manila. As a child watching this behavior I had somehow related that gossip is being happy criticizing others. Unconsciously I had this imprint until one day I woke up and suffered the karmic bond of this archetype.

I was 15 yrs old and my family decided that I was too young to carry a child. Unbeknownst to me that they were going to kidnapped me and accompanied me to the abortionist. I almost died due to hemorrhage and because of this horrific experience I went into a deep depression and isolated myself for a month inside my room. As my family was trying so hard to console me, they had took me to a psychiatrist and fed me with multiple anti-psychotic medications. I was in deep darkness. Nowhere to go but deep within I found inner strength with the Higher Power. I gained strength.

Then, the Gossip Archetype was still in the shadow. My teen girl friends started talking about me behind my back. I was deeply hurt. I stopped creating sisterhood. Now, how this teenage life connected to this nightmare that I had was that the three major women who initiated me to this behavior of gossip that needed to be release. To be able to forgive and seal this contract with the gossip archetype.

Present timeline:

As I went on my day, I realized that I was hurt by a close friend by cutting me off and talking about me behind my back. We are magnets, so I started exploring my unconscious and this was revealed to me.

I had to stop, reflect and choose the highest good for all sentient beings. My perceptions of life became collective. I take my personal experiences and see it in a bigger and higher way, “ how this affect the collective consciousness?”

Questions that arose, what are the roots? How can I see everyone in a bigger picture? How can I use this experience to forgive and have gentle compassion and kindness for all sentient beings of Light?

My current Networker Archetype transmuted the Gossip Archetype into a more Lighter perspective of co-creating a community of healers. But as for everything there is a shadow and Light perspective. The shadow that a Networker had to experienced is almost the same pain as the Gossip archetype. In the midst of this all, I again asked myself? Is this what I want? I miss the Self that is reflective, not into social media and choose the people that I surround with. The Private Self!

There are so many questions hovering around me. I totally surrender this to the Source. Clarity is gained in silence. I find stillness and peace in my heart when I am writing and reflecting. This is my Writer’s Archetype that is happy, feels safe, connected and aligned to the universal energy. Therefore, I choose to prioritized this in my Archetypal wheel.

Healing Path:

Prepare your sacred space. Light a candle, put on some healing music and close your eyes. Ask your spiritual guides to support and surround you. Say this to your Gossip Archetype, “I thank you for being a part of my existence. I had learned the lesson of loyalty, kindness and compassion. I forgive myself and others for hurting me consciously and unconsciously in all timelines and realities. I now asked to seal this contract and may you go forward with your journeys. Thank you, thank you and thank you. And so it is.”

Future timeline:

Invite a new Archetype that you would love to fully immerse yourself. Then say, “ I ask the _________ archetype to come in and be with me in this current lifetime. You are welcome to sojourn with me, teach me lessons of love and Light. I ask the universe that I may be worthy of your gifts in my life. I ask the Source of all that is to assist this transition with love, ease and grace, thank you and so it is.”

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