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Grieving Heart of a Mystic


Mystics are affected by the griefs and sorrows of our collective unconscious and universal energy. We have no veil of separation. We are connected to the divine Source. Due to our eternal conversation with God or Source, we become attune to what is about to happen in the physical dimension. We feel the weight of the world’s sufferings. Our visions occur before it happen in our realities. This can be puzzling to those who are new to this awakening in their ascension process.

Suddenly, you are experiencing heaviness in your heart chakra and you don’t understand where this is coming from. You receive vision of explosions and then you watch the news the next week and find out that this actually happened. Prophesies come to us in our dreams. We become a radar to calamities and the souls that are coming to our path.

As a mystic, this is what I experienced. My challenge is to keep my practical feet in the ground and know that these energies that I feel are not mine. My personal relationship is like a mirror of what the collective is experiencing. The people that comes to me for healing, are the chapters in the book of life, the Akashic Records. As I understand that my life of service is coming from the perceptions of a mystic, the people around me especially my loved ones can not comprehend my depth.

As an archetype of a mystic, it is a challenge to keep intimacy with relationships. They perceive us as out of this world. Our human consciousness had dissipated and we are attune to the mysteries of life. As I see judgements from others as ignorance, I turn inward and forgive them as I forgive myself. I learn to let go of expectations from others to understand me. What keeps me balance, safe and loved is knowing that God is with me in all ways. I am protected, safe, and loved.

How do you love a mystic?

  1. Mystics are sensitive, they are emotional and when you do not open your heart to them. They feel rejected because their core issue is abandonment and rejection from the world.
  2. They are deep, intuitive, they can read your book of life. Where your core issues are, where they come from and how they can help you release them. They are miracle workers. You can not hide anything, you might as well tell the truth. Even though the truth hurts, it is better for them to see and feel the truth.
  3. They want to feel safe in this world, listen to her without judgement.

How can a mystic balance her life?

  1. Be centered when things are falling apart. Know that what you are experiencing are for you to interpret what is happening in the world. Do not take things personal. People around you are having their own experiences of pain. Journal and release these low emotions that you are carrying.
  2. Attain inner peace by having silence or retreat from the world. Go into your inner sanctuary every day to recharge your battery.
  3. Communicate with God and how you want to see and feel in this incarnation. Wake up with a joyful mind.
  4. Be grateful for your triggers, bless their hearts and forgive them.
  5. Journal in your Akashic Records. Daily open your Records to transcend this incarnation.
  6. Be of service to others, volunteer your time.
  7. Take care of yourself, nurture your broken heart.
  8. Have a walk in nature, grounding is the best healing of the heart.
  9. Wash away your sorrows in a hot bath, bless the water and your emotional body.
  10. Let go of expectation from others.

Message for mystics:

“You are here to bring the message of love. Your work is to help others remember their light. God paves your path with clarity. Listen to the messages. Honor your mysticism, do not let others deplete your life. You have a bigger purpose given by God. Do not be consume with others sufferings. They are here to teach you lessons and then let go. Release and know that your path is sacred, you are chosen to have a miraculous life. It is written in your book of life. You are here because of your agreement to serve God. Focus on God’s work and feel this unfathomable love that is beyond this incarnated body. You are important. You matter. It is time to soar your eagle’s wings and see the world as your co-creation with God. Time to shine, honor your divinity, be in silence and know that you are always provided, no matter what. You are loved my child. Shalom.”



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